3 Main Ingredients That Make Your Fairness Creams Work


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3 Main Ingredients That Make Your Fairness Creams Work

We have a strange equation with fairness and our own skin tone (and no, it's not wrong). Who doesn't want fair skin? Though we will never accept it in open but most of us secretly wish to have a lighter and fairer skin tone. And cosmetic brands thankfully oblige us too!

Did you know that India’s first fairness cream was launched way back in 1975?! And since then, the last ten years have seen an overwhelming proliferation of fairness products hitting the market. With so many products claiming to have a whitening benefit, it gets really difficult to know what would work and what would not.

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Well, even though the dusky Indian complexion is much sought after worldwide, factors like tanning, dullness due to pollution, etc., tend to make us use these fairness products quite often. Using fairness creams is not wrong, but picking the right fairness cream is where we go wrong. 

So, to make sure that you pick the right product, here is your guide on how to pick the best fairness cream for yourself. Read on to know the things to look for in the ‘ingredients’ section, before picking up any fairness product next time. 

#1. Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs)

You might have heard about these super actives. These are derived from natural fruits and sugars. In fact, ayurveda makes great use of sugarcane and buttermilk, which are the prime sources of alpha hydroxy acids.

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These ingredients act by loosening the top deadened layer of the skin, helping your skin to gently exfoliate on its own. And this way, they help in revealing newer, brighter and less tanned skin. Some of the common alpha hydroxy acids are the lactic acid and the glycolic acid. Lactic acid is derived from buttermilk and yoghurt while glycolic acid is derived from sugarcane. 

Nowadays, most glow-inducing skin care products contain a version of these alpha hydroxy acids, because they are highly effective while also being safe. So, look for lactic or glycolic acid in your fairness cream for optimal brightening results. 

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#2. Vitamin A Derivatives

Retinol, retinaldehyde and retinyl palmitate are highly popular as the skin brighteners. Derived from natural vitamin A, these actives stimulate your skin to rapidly renew itself while also increasing collagen (the tightly packed and carefully organised support system underneath human skin) synthesis. 

Ideal for daily and long-term use, do add them to your nightly beauty regime to look younger and brighter. But, watch out for dryness as these products can make your skin peel a little initially as it removes your tan. So, make sure your whitening cream consists not only of the vitamin A derivatives, but also a good moisturising agent.

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#3. Vitamin C Extracts

Vitamin C is a well-known active that helps to brighten your skin naturally and safely. This active can be taken orally as well as applied topically to help counteract the oxidative damage done by the sun rays.

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Vitamin C is an ultra-potent antioxidant, which acts against free radicals created by the environment. It also helps in preventing pigmentation naturally as it prevents the formation of darkening cells on the skin. Additionally, it also boosts collagen synthesis, making you look younger.

For the best results, look for a fairness product having stabilised form of vitamin C with at least 10% concentration. You can safely use it every day for best results.

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So, now you need not worry about the selection of fairness products as you know what all ingredients your cream must contain. All you have to do is just keep these main ingredients in mind to make a smart and safe choice.

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