Expert Feng Shui Wedding Decor Tips To Add Extra Good Luck In Your Celebrations


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Expert Feng Shui Wedding Decor Tips To Add Extra Good Luck In Your Celebrations

Your wedding certainly is going to be one of the biggest as well as the best moments of your life. And, you certainly would want everything to be picture-perfect. From the colour of the flowers to colour of the curtains or anything else, you would want the entire universe to join hands with you in making this day breathtakingly beautiful! But, you have no clue how to make that happen, right? Well, fret not, the ancient Chinese art of feng shui has shown us in a very unique manner the way to ‘connect with the universe’. So, here are some brilliant tips to choose the right colours, forms, shapes and designs for your wedding décor keeping feng shui in mind.

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Identifying KUA number

In feng shui, each one of us has a unique KUA number, just like you have your zodiac sign. On the basis of this KUA number, you can calculate whether you are a fire, water, air or a metal element. Once we solve this bit of the mystery, we have the key to creating a very harmonious environment around us. But, before starting with anything else, you need to know your KUA number. So, here is a simple chart for that:

Finding your element

Once this is done, just check with the element corresponding to your KUA number. Here goes the list:

  • Number 1 implies Water element
  • Number 2 means Earth element
  • Number 3 means Wood element
  • Number 4 means Wood element
  • Number 5 means Earth element
  • Number 6 means Metal element
  • Number 7 implies Metal element
  • Number 8 means Earth element
  • Number 9 means Fire element.

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Decor tips for each element

After you determine your element, here are the décor tips that you must follow with respect to yours:


  • Colours suiting the water element: black, navy blue and purple.
  • Shapes best for water element: patterns with waves and curves.
  • Materials best for water element: Fancy water fountains in metal or flashy aquariums with metal used somewhere

Image Courtesy: Imperial Décor

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  • Colour suiting the wood element: green.
  • Shapes best for wood element: vertical or horizontal columns.
  • Materials best for wood element: pretty bunch of flowers, plants or scented petals.


  • Colours suiting the fire element: reddish purple (sangria), blood red and maroon.
  • Shapes best for fire element: pyramids, triangles and sharp-pointed shapes.
  • Materials best for fire element: designer lamps, lights, perfumed candles.

Image Courtesy: Imperial Décor


  • Colours suiting the earth element: all shades of brown, yellow.
  • Shapes best for earth element: geometrical shapes like square, rectangle, circle, etc.
  • Materials best for earth element: textures with sandy look and feel, clay, pebbles, crystals, marble or granite.

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  • Colour suiting the metal element: silver, metallic, reflective shades and pastels.
  • Shapes best for metal element: oval, round and arch shapes.
  • Materials best for earth element: steel, copper or just any decorative objects but it should be in metal.

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A quick check of the colour combos

Apart from choosing the right colours as per their element, here are a few colour combinations that each and every couple can opt for without worrying about anything:

  • A combination of red and pink is always a safe option.
  • Green and red is yet another combination, which is extremely auspicious.
  • A combo of blue with its royal partner, green, is also great.
  • Red and yellow denote harmony and their combination (orange) denotes fusion, which is again very auspicious for weddings

Image Courtesy: Imperial Décor

And, here are a few colour combinations that every couple must avoid:

  • Blue and yellow
  • Blue and red
  • Yellow and green
  • Green and metallic shades like grey, silver, etc.
  • Red and black

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So guys, it is time to say goodbye to all the worries related to your wedding décor. Simply follow this guide and enter a new phase of your life with loads of good luck and happiness!

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