Expensive Wedding Cakes For Glamorous Weddings


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Expensive Wedding Cakes For Glamorous Weddings

When it comes to the matter of weddings, there is only one rule – the bigger the better! This rule is applicable in almost all aspects of your wedding, including the wedding cake. You better have a sizeable bank account since the largest and most beautiful wedding cake creations are usually the most expensive ones and are capable of burning a gaping hole in your wallet.

What Makes the Wedding Cakes So Expensive?

The cost is subject to not just the size of the cake but even the quality of the ingredients, the amount of detail present on the cake, not to mention the inclusion of precious stones and wedding cake adornments. The addition of rare elements to the most expensive cakes like Swarovski crystals, pearls, diamonds, gold leaf and precious stones are specifically meant to remove these exquisite creations from the means of the majority. The most extravagant cakes normally adorn the tables of celebrities and monarchs.

The larger and more decorative the cake is, the more it is capable of attracting the attention of the people. The costly wedding cakes differ from the normal ones on several accounts:

  • Usual wedding cakes boast of two or three round tiers of square wedding cake. On the other hand, the extravagant cakes are at least five tiered.
  •  The cakes are adorned with larger-than-life designs and luxurious accessories which sometimes possess amazing details. These wedding cakes normally command a larger budget and are ideal for parties with more than a hundred guests.

The grandeur and design of the exclusive cake creations can serve as inspirations for your personal creation at your wedding.

Swarovski Wedding Masterpieces

Swarovski likes to do everything in style, even wedding cakes. So, it’s no wonder that the diamond brand hires excellent designers to form the most exquisite wedding cake creations. The amazing creation boasts of six separate tiers. The highlight of the cake is the central portion with a stunning centerpiece consisting of a floral pomander ball.

Royal Rendition

Chef Omar Addihaoui of Kuwait was commissioned to create enormous wedding cakes for the wedding ceremonies of royalty as well as the rich and famous. These glorious wedding cakes can require an entire day to create, even when assisted with a professional staff of ten.

Tier Tales

You can choose beautiful four tier wedding cakes with elaborate lace work detail. These cakes come decorated with purple and green butterflies. Five tier wedding cakes add a dash of exclusivity to your wedding ceremony. They can be made to appear as five different exquisite Victorian cushions stacked on top of each other. If you want it big, you can always go for an elegant six tier wedding cake in white. A seven tier wedding cake is perfect if your wedding theme is pink roses.

Best for the Last

The most expensive cake in the world is worth $20 million. Unfortunately, it cannot be consumed since it remains protected by a crew of uniformed security guards round-the-clock. The cake was formed through the collaboration of a jeweler and a cake designer.

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