3 Essential Skin, Hair, Hands And Feet Treatments For Bride 30 Days Before Her Wedding


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3 Essential Skin, Hair, Hands And Feet Treatments For Bride 30 Days Before Her Wedding

Every girl waits for her wedding day eagerly. This is one of the most special occasions of her life. It is a day when the spotlight is on her all the time. Thus, the bride-to-be expects to look at her best, while taking the wedding vows.

Getting ready for the wedding ceremony is the biggest responsibility of the bride-to-be. She can’t go wrong anywhere. Such pressure often makes her anxious, nervous, and stressed. Her getting-ready-timeline has a huge to-do list from hair-care to pedicure, which practically should start 30 days before the ceremony. She needs to be pampered like a princess while making it to the D-day. But, do not fret!

Here we are sharing 3 essential skin, hair, hands and feet treatments, which are the key elements of a pre-bridal must-have.

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#1. Youth infinity sculpting facial for a soft and glowing skin

Youth Infinity Sculpting Facial is an effective skin treatment by Lakmé Salon. Due to pollution, dust and stressful lifestyle, our skin often starts to age much before time. This treatment takes around 90 minutes to rejuvenate your skin. Lakmé Youth Infinity Sculpting Facial is done with the use of superior quality Lakme Youth Infinity products, like Youth Infinity Serum and Youth Infinity Skin Firming Day Crème. This ritual offers your skin a youthful and fresh feeling.

The facial enhances the look of your skin by fighting the signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines. Additionally, it also increases the texture of the skin by keeping it hydrated. The facial entails cleansing, exfoliating it through the scrub, and applying a glowing mask, serum and face mask. The massage in this treatment ensures the products have maximum impact on your skin.

Cost: Lakmé Youth Infinity Sculpting Facial costs around Rs 2400.

#2. Moroccan smooth spa for healthy hair

Moroccan Smooth Spa does wonders to your hair and scalp that goes for a toss due to pollution. The hair texture differs from person to persons. So, it is recommended to consult the team of experts at the Lakmé Salon. Moroccan Smooth Spa is an intensive treatment that involves conditioning and treating dry, spoilt and frizzy hair using the goodness of Argan oil.

Moroccan Smooth Spa follows a step-by-step technique of hair treatment:

  • Shampooing the hair with Moroccan Hydrating Shampoo to open the pores and take off the dirt.
  • Application of hair mask from the upper length till the end. The mask contains Moroccan Intense Hydrating Mask and 4 pumps of Moroccan oil treatment.
  • Shampooing and conditioning the hair that has a gentle moisturising formula.

Cost: Moroccan Smooth Spa by Lakmé Salon starts at Rs 2000 and the price goes up depending on your hair length

#3. Candy crush manicure and pedicure for your hands and feet

Candy Crush Manicure and Pedicure is the perfect solution to keep hands and feet beautiful. No, you don’t need to play Candy Crush to avail this treatment. Candy Crush Manicure and Pedicure involves an amalgamation of natural butter, pure essential oils and sweet-smelling cupcake-shaped detoxifying bubbly strawberry and blueberry bath bombs.

This manicure and pedicure by Lakmé Salon is a 90-minute treatment that includes soaking, clipping, filing, scrubbing and massaging of hands and feet. Not only does the treatment releases stress, but also helps lessen dead skin build-up, dryness, and dehydration. Candy Crush Manicure and Pedicure leaves your hands and feet with a soft, soothing and re-energised feeling.

Cost: Candy Crush Manicure by Lakmé Salon costs around Rs. 1,200 and the Pedicure costs around Rs. 1,400.

Don’t let humdrum of wedding preparations wreck your skin and hair. Take some time out and visit your nearest Salon and get yourself pampered, after all you are a bride-to-be! Happy Wedding!

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