Mommy-To-Be, Ekta Kaul Recalls Being On A Bike Ride To Ladakh Unaware Of Her Pregnancy

Ekta Kaul talks about her bike ride to Ladakh when she was unaware of her pregnancy. Details inside!


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Mommy-To-Be, Ekta Kaul Recalls Being On A Bike Ride To Ladakh Unaware Of Her Pregnancy

Amidst the COVID-19 scare, even a little good news can bring us happiness. But what about those who find out the happiest news of their life? Those who get to know they are pregnant? This has to be the best news for them to beat the lockdown blues. And what could be better than being with your partner during the pregnancy? The lockdown has made all the soon-to-be parents spend time with each other, which they might not have got otherwise even if they had wished to. Recently, popular couple, Sumeet Vyas and Ekta Kaul had announced the news of their pregnancy to the world. (Also Read: Check Out Why Ranveer Singh Complains About Wife, Deepika Padukone On Their Family WhatsApp Group)

Sumeet had taken to his Instagram handle and had posted some pictures, holding his wife, Ekta Kaul’s baby bump and had announced that ‘Cool Junior’ is on its way. He had captioned the pictures as “Spending all that time at home, can be fruitful in many ways. In my case it’s life altering. #cooljr is on it’s way. #newroommate.” Ekta had posted a picture of Sumeet kissing her on her cheeks as they both held her baby bump. She captioned her post as “Proudly announcing our new project together. Introducing Jr. KaulVyas (soon) Created, Directed and Produced by US.... @sumeetvyas and I.” Now, in an interview with Mumbai Mirror, Ekta talked about her bike ride to Ladakh when she was unaware of her pregnancy.

In an interview with Mumbai Mirror, Ekta Kaul revealed that in the month of November, she had been on a bike ride to Ladakh, unaware of her pregnancy. When asked if she knew about her pregnancy, she said, "I didn’t, but I felt like a rock star when I learnt the news on my return. I had gone to meet Sumeet who was shooting in Ladakh and wanted to explore the place. So, I made some friends with the crew and we all went for a bike ride. Throughout the trip, I was feeling slightly unwell and marked it down to altitude sickness."

Ekta Kaul Bike Ride

Sumeet Vyas and Ekta Kaul also talked about their first child. The Permanent Roommates fame, Sumeet said, "It was Ekta’s call. All we were hearing was gloomy news and she felt it was time to bring some joy in people’s lives." He revealed that earlier his only concern was all that he would need to arrange for their child and if he will be a good dad. Now the situation is different for him. He said, "Now, it’s safety. I don’t want our child to grow up in an environment where they can’t go out to play. But I’m an optimist and believe that this too shall pass." (Recommended Read: Lovebirds, Asim Riyaz And Himanshi Khurana Have Broken Up? Himanshi's Recent Post Suggests So!)

Ekta Kaul and Sumeet Vyas

Amidst the Coronavirus hullaballoo, it is more important for a soon-to-be-mommy to be extra careful. Ekta Kaul also talked about how she is trying to stay positive. She said, "I’m meditating, reading books and watching movies. Anyway, after all the household chores, you don’t get much time to think."

Ekta Kaul Pregnancy

Sumeet Vyas, who is elated to be a father soon, is also happy to have time to spend with wife, Ekta now. He said, "I don’t know when I will get alone time with her again, especially after our child is born. I always thought if I spent too much time with someone, we’d end up getting irritated. But we aren’t fighting much, so I guess that proves I’m not a bad companion."

Ekta Kaul and Sumeet Vyas

In an exclusive interview with, Ekta Kaul also revealed how Sumeet Vyas had reacted when she had told him about the pregnancy. Ekta reminisced, “He was sleeping and I called him at 6 in the morning. And he said give me 10 mins since he couldn’t register anything in his sleep. And then called back on sometime. And we had our moment.” (You Can Read The Complete Interview Here: EXCLUSIVE: Ekta Kaul Reveals Her Hubby Sumeet Vyas' Reaction When She'd Told Him About Her Pregnancy)

Ekta Kaul and Sumeet Vyas

We wish Ekta and Sumeet the happiest pregnancy and healthiest baby!

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