10 Creative Ways To Instagram Your Wedding


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10 Creative Ways To Instagram Your Wedding

Instagram is one of the most popular photography apps with millions of users and amazing filters to turn even an ordinary photo into a work of art. People nowadays capture memorable moments and post it on Instagram to preserve it forever! And when it comes to weddings, there are hundreds of memories waiting to be captured. So, why not Instagram your wedding from every possible angle to make it even more special? Here are some tips for making your wedding an Instagram hit.

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#1. Create a simple and catchy hashtag

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A hashtag is the easiest way to find all the photos related to your wedding on Instagram which is why you must brainstorm over this with your partner. Be creative and think of a hashtag that is simple and easy to remember. Once you have chosen a hashtag, use Google to ensure that it is not already taken.

#2. Let the guests know

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Now that you are done with choosing a hashtag, you need to share it with your guests. But, how do you do that? There are numerous ways to inform everyone about it, for example, you may display it as a fun sign at the entrance or incorporate it in your wedding decor. You can even mention the hashtag on your wedding invitation cards, website or personal social media account.

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#3. Lead the way

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Backstage happenings are always fun and full of opportunities. Instagram a picture of yours when you are getting ready for the functions or anything else related to the wedding that might interest your guests to get the ball rolling. You would soon be amazed at the amount of pictures floating in your Instagram feed with your chosen hashtag.

#4. Involve those who could not attend

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Maybe one of your friends or cousins could not come to the wedding even though they wanted to, so why not make them a part of your wedding even from a distance? Appoint one of your close friends or relatives to share your wedding hashtag with them. This will help them follow everything happening at your wedding and be a part of it virtually.

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#5. Ask your guests to have fun with Instagram

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Some guests need zero amount of encouragement to click pictures from their phones, while there are some who may feel a little left out. To engage most of your guests, give them a list of interesting things to capture at the wedding venue. This could be anything from taking a selfie with the bride and the groom to clicking your favourite item on the menu.

#6. Project your Instagram feed at the wedding

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Instant results and appraisals are a good way to keep your guests engaged in capturing some amazing shots of your most memorable day. Seeing their work live at the wedding would encourage them to click more pictures. To display your Instagram feed live at the wedding, you can use streaming services like Eventstagram or talk to your wedding planner for more options.

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#7. Crowdsource all the photos in a single place

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If your guests have followed your instructions about using your chosen hashtag, chances are you have tons of images to savour. And, you would definitely want to have them stored altogether in one place. For that, you can either connect your Instagram account to Dropbox (virtual storage) or use apps like Instaport and Copygram to download the photos to your hard drive.

#8. Print and display

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Out of thousands of memories there would definitely be some that you would want to frame. So, after going through all the pictures select your favourites to be printed and framed. Use websites like Printajoy, Picgravy, Inkmat or Inkifi to get your best Instagram wedding moments printed on picture magnets, phone covers, T-shirts, coffee mugs, mini Instagram books, photo books and what not.

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#9. Let the fun continue until the honeymoon

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Since you want to Instagram your wedding, why not extend it to your honeymoon as well? Capture a few shots of your honeymoon, which is your first journey as husband and wife and is definitely very special. Give your friends and family a sneak peek of the fun you both are having.

#10. Incorporate Instagram pictures in wedding favours

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Want to make your guests feel special? Send them a personalised ‘thank you’ card along with a selfie they Instagrammed with you, a photo frame, and a customised coffee mug thanking them for their presence.

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Instagram weddings are already a huge trend in the West. We know Indians will soon catch up with this lovely trend of making some really awesome memories. Happy Instagramming folks!