7 Easiest Ways To Decorate A Blank Wall In Your House


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7 Easiest Ways To Decorate A Blank Wall In Your House

So you have decorated your house perfectly, and are very happy with the look. However, there is that one blank wall staring at you, and you have no clue about what to do with it! You can make it look stylish, while blending it with the theme of the rest of the decor. While you do not wish to go overboard, you do not want to underdo it too.

But, if you did not know, what has been left as the last 'item' to decorate, can actually work as an empty canvas waiting for you to add some life to it! In fact, it can be a platform for you to express yourself, and even give some character to your house. Here is how you can do it.

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#1. Frame it

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

For many, the easiest way to deck-up a plain wall is by hanging a painting on it. But, if you do not want to invest in artwork or paintings, you can use your own creativity and imagination to decorate your wall. Just frame anything you like, put it up and that will do the trick.

You might have an old calendar that has stunning pictures, some wallpaper samples, or an old piece of fabric that has amazing prints or colours, simply get it framed and hang it on your plain wall. You will be amazed to see the result.

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#2. Express Yourself

A blank wall can be the best place to let yourself be as expressive as possible. If you are an artist, or if you like art, you can have a graffiti painted over the wall. You don’t have to be a trained painter for this!

Simple elements like leaves, flowers, Paisleys, or even geometric figures, like circles, squares and triangles, can make a plain wall look pretty. Just make sure to keep the colours and contrasts in mind. You can highlight it with some spotlight, and you are done!

#3. Showcase your collection

Image Courtesy: Sunil Shetty's House (Grabhouse.com)

Your empty, plain wall could be a wonderful opportunity to showcase your talents or hobbies. If you are an art collector or an artist yourself, you can hang your own work or your collection on the wall, for a beautiful arty look. You can even frame your vintage coin collections or mementos from your various vacations, just like famous actor, Sunil Shetty has done it (check above picture).

A collection of worn out, old black and white photographs would give a different look as well. It all depends on your home décor theme, and what goes best with it.

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#4. Get funky

Image Courtesy: littlehouseonthevalley.com

Did you know that you can go all crazy and wild with what you can hang on your wall? You can hang an eclectic dish collection or carved cutlery to get a funky look. Or it could just be one large dish that has contrasting colours or delicate print, hung on a brightly-coloured wall.

Just make sure that there isn’t a clash of colours, as it can give a loud effect. Usually pastels and white go with all wall colours.

#5. The clock trick

There is nothing more elegant than a wall with a vintage clock hanging on it. You can use this idea especially when the blank wall space is in odd areas such as the entry way or above the showcase.

Images Courtesy: anetteshus.com

Apart from telling time, a beautiful clock can instantly add a charm to the room. It doesn’t have to be vintage; you can play with colours, prints and the numerous styles that are available in the markets.

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#6. Enliven it with shelves

Image Courtesy: sweethomedesignideas.com

As the houses today are getting smaller, walls can be used as great spaces for utility while making them look pretty. Putting up colourful shelves or attaching an intricate bookshelf is a great idea to make a wall look lively.

These shelves can also be used to display your personal favourites like books, art pieces or other collectibles. 

#7. Light it up

If the blank wall is near the bed or couch, getting a wall-mounted lamp installed serves the dual purpose of decorating as well as lightening up the space. Reading lights especially work great in these places. If you don't want a lamp directly mounted on the wall, you can choose a pretty-looking tall floor lamp along with some potted plants, to add artsy effects to the wall.

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Simple things can work to make a style statement when done right; and this principle can work as you think of decoration ideas for your blank walls too!

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