Divyanka Tripathi Opens Up About Constantly Facing Body Shaming, Adds, 'Stopped Getting On...'

Divyanka Tripathi discussed facing frequent body-shaming comments, and how she has now learnt to brush them aside.


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Divyanka Tripathi Opens Up About Constantly Facing Body Shaming, Adds, 'Stopped Getting On...'

Divyanka Tripathi is one of the most popular actresses in the telly world. The diva rose to prominence with some of her iconic shows like Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Banoo Main Teri Dulhann and others, that gave her household recognition. Apart from her professional feat, Divyanka has also won hearts with her bubbly personality and gorgeous beauty. In her personal life, she is married to actor, Vivek Dahiya.

Divyanka Tripathi talks about being facing frequent body shaming

In a recent interaction with Pinkvilla, Divyanka Tripathi opened up about the cons of being a maiden name in the television world, wherein she has to face hate comments, wherein she gets targeted by body shaming remarks. The actress, who has a slightly pear-shaped body type, revealed how people used to pass rude comments on her when she was initially skinny, and later it all changed to being slightly plumped. In her words:

“This keeps happening to me. Body shaming is constant in my life because I have a certain body type. Even if I’m at my slimmest best, my lower half will look big, and then people will think ‘Oh, she’s fat from here’. So I face this in every phase.”

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Divyanka reveals how she tactfully deals with such unwanted criticism

Moving further in the conversation, Divyanka Tripathi then added how over the years, she has grown old to such comments about her body type, and added that she has indeed valued the importance of hitting the gym and having an agile body. Moreover, Divyanka revealed that such comments made her decide to not weigh herself on a weighing scale anymore, and she ends up blocking immediately, all those who pass judgments on her body. She said:

“There was a time when I was very thin, and then people said, ‘You don’t look good now, you have become very thin. Only chubby cheeks used to suit you’. Now that I’m like this so they say, ‘Ohh, your weight is not reducing. I’m like relax guys, I’m into fitness now. I work out daily. I do it for my happiness. It gives me an adrenalin rush. It keeps my body agile. I have stopped getting on the weighing scale. I block people who body shame me. I don’t think twice about it.”


Divyanka confessed dealing with societal pressure on embracing parenthood with hubby, Vivek

In another segment of the interview, Divyanka Tripathi addressed how much attention and unwaranted opinions she received, when it comes to her embracing motherhood. The actress, who got married to the man of her dreams, Vivek Dahiya in 2016, shared how people continually pressurise her and her husband to have a child. Moreover, Divyanka shared that even their parents have started poking them on this matter.

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Vivek Dahiya once revealed if he ever thought of competing with wifey, Divyanka Tripathi’s popularity

Previously, in an interview with ETimes, Vivek Dahiya talked about how he deals with his wifey and talented actress, Divyanka Tripathi’s immense fame and stardom. The doting husband revealed he and his better half had discussed about the same right before their marriage, wherein he had promised to understand and acknowledge Divyanka’s massive fame. He mentioned:

“When I got into a relationship with Divyanka, I knew that she is a star, it was not like she became a star later on and I also knew that I’m a newbie and I came to the industry very late. When we were going to get married, and I proposed to her, the same night we had a meeting with her family and we discussed these possibilities. We discussed that it can happen that I will be compared or referred to as her husband and how will I deal with it. The meeting was more like my interview and the parents were asking me questions.” 


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