Divya Khosla Kumar Supports Hubby, Bhushan Kumar, Lashes Out At Sonu Nigam, Calling Him 'Thankless'

Sonu Nigam is furious these days as he has been calling out the ugly game played in the music industry. Amidst all, he called out Bhushan Kumar as well, which irked his wife, Divya Khosla Kumar.


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Divya Khosla Kumar Supports Hubby, Bhushan Kumar, Lashes Out At Sonu Nigam, Calling Him 'Thankless'

The nation is currently dealing with two severe issues, COVID-19 pandemic and mental health. The sudden demise of Sushant Singh Rajput has left the nation under shock. Everybody these days is coming out and talking about mental health and also how the Bollywood industry is nurturing depression. Bollywood biggies are facing all the brunt as the debate of nepotism vs talent has begun again. To join in, singer, Sonu Nigam has also made some revelations about how the music industry may also witness some suicides. (Also Read: Milind Soman And Ankita Konwar's Romantic Rain Dance Looks Straight Out Of A Bollywood Film)

Initially, Sonu Nigam informed the nation about how there are music mafias in the music industry too and how they are depriving people of work. However, earlier Sonu had not called out the names, but in a recent video, Sonu has taken a direct war with T-series head, Bhushan Kumar. Sharing a new video, Sonu warns Bhushan that he has messed with the wrong person. Seems Sonu Nigam’s words did not go well with Bhushan Kumar’s wife, Divya Khosla Kumar as she lashed out at him.

Divya Khosla Kumar

On June 23, 2020, Bhushan Kumar’s wife, Divya Khosla Kumar took to her Instagram stories to call out Sonu Nigam for his actions. In her first story, she shared how people are only running a campaign these days and calls Sonu to be someone, who knows how to play with audience’s mind. She wrote, “Today it’s all about who can run a good campaign.. I’m even seeing people being able to sell lies and deceits with their strong campaigns.. Sonu Nigam - such kind of people know how to play with the minds of the audience.. God save our world!!!” Take a look:

Divya Khosla Kumar

Divya then shared another story on her Instagram handle, calling Sonu ‘thankless’ and reminding him how T-series had launched him. She also reminded him how she had herself directed for Sonu’s father’s videos. She wrote, “Sonu Nigam ji, T-Series ne aapko industry mein break diya, apko aage badaya .. agar aapko itni hi khundas thi Bhushan se toh phele kyun nahi bole.. Aaj publicity ke liye kyon kar rahe hai.. aapke pitaji ke khud maine itne videos direct kiye jiseke liye voh humesha itne shukar guzar rehte the,, But some people are thankless #achasiladiyatunemerepyaarka." Take a look:

Divya Khosla Kumar

For the uninitiated, Sonu Nigam had recently taken a dig at the power play happening in the music industry. Sonu shared a video on June 22, 2020 on his Instagram handle, directly naming down T-series chairman and MD, Bhushan Kumar as one of the mafias. In the video, we could see Sonu saying, ‘Bhushan Kumar, ab toh tera naam lena hi padega mujhe. Aur ab tu tu ke layak hai. Tune galat admi se panga le liya (Bhushan Kumar, now I have to mention your name. And now, you deserve being addressed without respect. You have messed with the wrong person).’ Sharing the video, he captioned it as “Laaton ke MAFIA baaton se nahi maante.” Take a look. (Don't Miss: Divya Agarwal Is Taking Care Of Her '5 Year Old Baby' As Boyfriend, Varun Sood Injures His Foot)

In the video, Sonu can also be heard saying, "Marina Cover yaad hai na? Woh kyon boli, woh kyon back out kiya yeh mujhe nahi pata. Media ko pata hai mafia kis tarah function karta hai. Uska video mere paas padha hai. Ab agar tune mere se panga liya, toh woh video main apni YouTube channel mein dal dunga. Samjha? Mere mooh mat lagna (Do you remember Marina Cover? I don't know no why they spoke and why they backed out, but media knows how the mafia functions. I still have that video with me. Now if you mess with me, I will upload that video on my YouTube channel. So don't mess with me)." Well, this is enough to irk any wife and so was Divya Khosla Kumar! (Recommended Read: Mahesh Babu Plays Funny Tongue Twister With His Daughter, Sitara, She Makes Him Go Crazy [Video])

Sonu Nigam

It seems the debate about nepotism vs talent is getting ugly day by day!

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