Divya Agarwal Faced Anxiety After Her Father's Death, Experienced Breathlessness And Blackouts

Divya Agarwal opened up about facing mental health issues after her father's demise and recalled the scary phase of her life.


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Divya Agarwal Faced Anxiety After Her Father's Death, Experienced Breathlessness And Blackouts

Divya Agarwal is one of the promising actresses of the telly world. The reality show queen made her fans and family proud when she had lifted the trophy of Bigg Boss OTT, hosted by Karan Johar. She has been receiving a lot of applause for her splendid performance in the show, Cartel. The stunning model turned actress is all set with her short film, The Box.

The short film, which deals with the subject of mental health issues is written and produced by Divya. The gorgeous actress, who lost her father, Sanjay Agarwal in October 2020 to COVID-19 had undergone mental health issues for a brief period. In the latest interview, Divya recalled the scary phase.

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Divya Agarwal

Talking to Pinkvilla, Divya Agarwal opened up about dealing with mental health issues and revealed what all she experienced during that period. From facing breathlessness and blackouts, Divya revealed how scary it was for her. In her words:

"I faced it after Papa passed away. I used to get these anxiety attacks which I had no idea about. I always felt that I was very strong, and nothing like this really happens. But you know, that feeling of breathlessness was experienced back then, a feeling of blackout. When I just used to stand up, I used to feel blackout and had vertigo issues after that. So it was very scary for me, but it didn't go on for a long time. It was for a short while, but it was there."


Divya further revealed that she overcame her mental health issues and has good control over her emotions. Talking about the same, Divya shared:

"I don’t stress myself too much. If I am working for two days, then on the third day I eat properly, talk to everyone, and don’t care about my weight or anything else. I live properly without any tensions. So it’s important to create that balance when you are struggling through depression or something like that. So I am quite open to talking about it, and have experienced it."

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Divya Agarwal

In the same interview, Divya further added that after her father's death, she had to support her family mentally and financially as they looked up to her. Revealing the one quality she got from her father, the stunning actress stated:

"If I see my mother and my brother smiling and living, I feel great. I think that is my father’s quality. My father used to be very selfish in the outside world, but in the house, he was the most selfless person, and I think that is the quality that I have learnt from him."

Divya Agarwal

For the unversed, Divya is in a steady relationship with actor, Varun Sood!

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