Divya Agarwal On Breakup With Ex, Varun Sood, Calls It 'Abrupt', Says, 'It Happened Because Of Me'

Recently, Divya Agarwal opened up about her breakup with her ex, Varun Sood. The actress called the breakup abrupt and said she was the reason for the same.


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Divya Agarwal On Breakup With Ex, Varun Sood, Calls It 'Abrupt', Says, 'It Happened Because Of Me'

Divya Agarwal is a famous name in the television industry. The gorgeousness rose to her fame after she won Bigg Boss OTT in 2021. The diva often made it to the headlines with his personal life and relationships. For the unversed, Divya's relationship with her co-participant, Varun Sood was the talk of the town. However, the duo parted ways on a bitter note and never really spoke about the same. For the uninformed, Divya got engaged to her boyfriend, Apurva Padgaonkar on December 4, 2022, which came as a shock for them, who shipped Varun-Divya and was hoping that their favourite duo would reconcile.

Divya Agarwal shared that her breakup with Varun Sood was abrupt and happened because of her

Recently, Divya Agarwal appeared on Amrita Rao and RJ Anmol’s podcast, Couple of Things, with her soon-to-be-hubby, Apurva. During the interaction, Divya finally broke the silence on her breakup with her now-ex, Varun. The diva called their breakup 'abrupt' and said it happened because of her. Divya shared that she even made Varun meet Apurva. Regarding her feelings, Divya shared that she felt all over the place with Varun, and with Apurva, she feels calm and mature. The actress named her emotions complex and shared that:

"With Varun, I felt all over the place. With Apurva, I would feel calm and mature. I made Varun meet Apurva. I told him clearly that I had a problem. I had a confusion. Whatever has happened is very wrong and it has happened because of me. I need to put a stop somewhere. And that’s why it was an abrupt breakup. I just got the car to a screeching halt. This thought would always come to my mind that if I was to get married to my now ex (Varun) would I want to invite Apurva and if I invite him, would I be ok seeing him on that side. Apurva has been the most important person in my life. I had so many complex emotions in my head."

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Divya Agarwal on her hardship during her relationship and breakup with Varun Sood

Further, in the same conversation, Divya Agarwal shared how hard it was during her breakup with Varun. Regarding the same, Divya shared that everything was happy on social media during her relationship with Varun, but she was not happy inside. Divya added:

"What I went through, whoever would have been with me would have lost it. Everything was public, the relationship and the breakup. And when he came, the situation became worse. During the relationship, everything was all happy on social media, but inside I was not happy."


Divya Agarwal on her relationship with her fiance, Apurva Padgaonka

In the same conversation, Divya Agarwal shared tidbits from her relationship with her fiance, Apurva. The diva shared that although she doesn't share many pictures with her fiance on social media, they are very happy. Sharing the details about their bonding, Divya said that they never argued. The actress also revealed that Apurva's family members have never judged her and even told her not to focus on the media. Reflecting on the same, Divya stated:

"On the other hand, with Apurva I hardly put any pictures with him but I am very happy. We have never argued. Even his family never questioned or judged me. They would always support me saying, ‘Don’t pay attention to the media, you two stay together’. Apurva knows my heart so well."


When Divya Agarwal's ex, Varun congratulated the former after she got engaged

For the unversed, Divya Agarwal said yes to the man of her dreams, Apurva, on her 30th birthday as the latter made a dreamy proposal for her. However, although the news was shocking for many, Divya's ex, Varun, in an interview with ETimes, congratulated Divya and her fiance. He said:

"I would like to congratulate the couple. I wish them all the best."

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Divya Agarwal and Varun Sood's relationship

Divya Agarwal and her ex, Varun Sood met during MTV's Ace of Space and the duo started having feelings for each other soon after. However, Varun proposed to Divya and confessed his love for her on camera during one of the episodes. The ex-couple dated for four long years, and in March 2022, they parted ways. Since their breakup, neither of them have spoken about the same. This is the first time that Divya has opened up about her breakup with Varun.


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