6 Fierce Eyeliner Styles And What They Reveal About Your Personality


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6 Fierce Eyeliner Styles And What They Reveal About Your Personality

Eyes are probably one of the first things that people notice when they see you. And, as the old saying goes, ‘The eyes are windows to the soul’; they reveal a lot about your personality as well. Needless to say, your eye makeup gives these beautiful windows a lovely frame. And, just like the expressions of your eyes, your eye makeup, especially the eyeliner style, also reveals a lot about your personality.

Every woman has her own definite signature style of applying the eyeliner, which secretly tells what her outlook is towards her life. And, for all those who have no idea about this, let us help you find out what your eyeliner style says about your personality.

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#1. Bold and thick eyeliner

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Just like your eyeliner style, you have a bold outlook towards life as well. You are a strong-headed person, and are absolutely happy with the way you are. You also tend to intimidate other people at times, by your mere presence, in a gathering. You live life king-size, work hard, and party harder. You are in every sense, the bold and beautiful modern Indian woman.

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#2. Cat eyes

You like to evaluate everything in its minutest details. You are very particular about what you want and how you want it. Because of your observant nature, you can come to know the real nature of any person in an instant. Additionally, your aura has a yesteryear charm to it. Your circle of friends as well as you, spell out sophistication and class.

#3. Glittery eyes

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You are not afraid to try out unique and new things in life. You like to take risks and are an out-and-out extrovert. You are the heart and soul of your group. No party, outing, or any other get together, is complete without you. You are an upfront person and speak your heart out. You are not shy to express your true feelings. You believe strongly in the phrase ‘you are what you make of yourself’, and that is what makes you special too!

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#4. Smokey eyeliner

You are a rebel, and need no one by your side to make you feel happy. You do not like to go the conventional way in any aspect of life. Rather, you do the things just the way you think are right. You are fierce, have an attitude and are here to stay! You live life on your own terms and do not tolerate misbehaviour of any kind from anyone. Of course, your glamorous style and strong personality just makes everyone fall for your charm so easily.

#5. Colour blast

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Your positive and vibrant nature is what makes you the popular one in your group. You are a fun person to hang out with because of your ‘full of life’ aura. You spontaneity is one of the most charming things about you. Wherever you go, you just spread happiness because of your jolly nature. Your presence alone keeps the negativity away from everyone and makes the world a happier place.

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#6. Single stroke on the top

You are a very practical person. You know what your goals in life are and try to achieve them through your own means. As you believe in simplicity, you do not splurge unnecessarily and don’t even burden your loved ones from unnecessary expectations. You want your mate also to be somewhat like you, someone you can identify with. People find you easy to trust and confide in you most of the times.

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Eyes are the most beautiful feature of a face, and honest too. They speak a million words without making a sound. So, if your eyeliner style is any of the above, we hope you could identify with what we have revealed about your personality!

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