Deepshikha Nagpal And Kaishav Arora Are Giving A Second Chance To Their Marriage


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Deepshikha Nagpal And Kaishav Arora Are Giving A Second Chance To Their Marriage

2016 has seen an eventful year in a lot of ways, rather news. In this past one year, we have woken up to the best and the worst kinds of news - from some Bollywood and TV celebs getting hitched and embracing parenthood to some breaking up and legally separating. 

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But, a little birdie has some happy news about popular Bollywood actress Deepshikha Nagpal and her former actor husband, Kaishav Arora. We all know Deepshikha and Kaishav have had one helluva ride if we were to describe their relationship in a few words.

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Deepshikha was once married to fellow actor Jeet Upendra before she divorced him in 2007. Soon after, Deepshikha was lucky in love a second time and found solace in Bollywood and TV actor, Kaishav Arora. They made things official when they tied the knot in 2012.

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Things were going strong for this couple until we came across a news of Deepshika filing an FIR against Kaishav for threatening to kill her and her kids (from her previous marriage). At this point, reports of them filing for a divorce were not at all surprising.  

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But here’s a happy twist. According to the latest update, Deepshikha and Kaishav are burying the past behind them and are getting back together to work things out one more time. They are giving their marriage a second chance! The duo strongly feel that they are ‘karmically connected' (keeping fingers crossed for them).

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According to sources, the latest news is that Kaishav moved back in with Deepshikha post Diwali. And, which turns out to be true as we found a Diwali photo on Deepshikha's Instagram account. 

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About the reconciliation, a source close to the couple said: 

"Despite an ugly divorce, they have realised that they can't stay away from each other. But, the two are keeping their current relationship status under wraps as they don't want people to cast aspersion on them. One of the main reasons for trouble in their relationship is their different personalities. While Deepshikha is straightforward, Kaishav is reserved. He feels that every relationship goes through ups and downs and it shouldn't be exposed to the public."

A leading daily reached out to Deepshikha to confirm the news, to which, she said: 

"Yes, we are back together."

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The reason Deepshikha gave out is even more adorable, and we hope it remains this way.

She said:

"I realised I love him beyond anything. All marriages go through a rocky patch. Unfortunately, instead of helping us, some friends added fuel to the fire. But I don't blame them; the time was bad."

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After a long gap, when Deepshikha and Kaishav met, it was magic. She said: 

“When we met after eight months of separation, we wondered why we split in the first place. I cannot love anyone else than Kaishav; everything else ceases to matter when we are together. Now, we don't want to discuss our past anymore. For a successful marriage, one has to respect each other's space. I want to and have already started life afresh."

Moreover, recently in an interview with a leading entertainment portal, Deepshikha stated:

“Both Kaishav and I went through a bad phase. It’s over and I don’t want to talk about it. Looking for a tension free married life from 2017. Pray for our happiness.”

We are so happy for Deepshikha and Kaishav, and we hope, this time around, their relationship does see the light of the day. Wishing all the luck to you guys again, may the force be with you two! 

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