Deepika Says She Never Worries About 'Aaya' For Her Baby, Thanks To Her 'Saasu Maa'


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Deepika Says She Never Worries About 'Aaya' For Her Baby, Thanks To Her 'Saasu Maa'

Deepika Singh Goyal aka Sandhya of Diya Aur Baati Hum is one of the most loved bahus of the Indian telly world. While working for her serial, she fell in love with the director, Rohit Raj Goyal. After dating each other for a while, Deepika and Rohit finally tied the nuptial knot in 2014. And in May 2017, the couple welcomed their baby boy whom they named Soham Goyal.

After embracing motherhood, a lot has changed in Deepika's life. Pregnancy affects a woman’s life in a huge way, and for celebs, it becomes even a bigger deal. They need to smartly divide their time in parenthood and work. And that’s where Deepika is like no other celeb mother. And Deepika is such a doting and amazing mother that she has even made Soham's Instagram account.

Deepika Singh And Rohit Raj Goyal

Speaking to a leading daily, about her fitness routine post-pregnancy, Deepika remarked, “In the last few months, I have been working out. I started with yoga but that didn’t work for me so I went back to Odissi dance which I love. It has been fun dancing again. It’s very satisfying. I am conscious about my health and want to reduce my weight too.”

So, how did Deepika lose her post-pregnancy weight? This is what she said, “I don’t believe in dieting and would rather work out. I didn’t restrict myself from any food due to pregnancy and now feeding my son. I want to be fit and not slim, per se. I feel an actor doesn’t have to be slim or have a certain figure, instead you should be good at your job, which is acting. That is more important.”

Deepika Singh And Rohit Raj Goyal

What are her plans on going back to work as it has been almost half-a-year after Soham was blessed into her life? To this, she said, “Like every mother, I love my child but I am also passionate about acting. I have always been a working woman and I have a support system at home as my mother-in-law is a big help. She takes care of Soham when I go to workout or step out of the house for any errand. I don’t have to worry about nannies or help which is a boon. That is another reason why I have decided to get back to work. Once I start meeting people, let’s see what offers come my way. One might get lucky and get a good show quickly or you may have to wait for a while. I have just made up my mind about acting soon but not approached anyone yet.”

Deepika Singh And Rohit Raj Goyal

Along similar lines, Deepika earlier spoke to an online portal and said, "For me, the last few months have been tough. But the best part is that Rohit has taken a break from his shoot and is taking care of me. So, because of him, things have become a bit easier for me. Also I stay in a joint family, so there are other family members to take care of me too. Because of them, this phase has turned into a beautiful experience." When she was asked how has her life been after embracing motherhood? Deepika retorted, “Motherhood has taught me to go with the flow and never plan things. I have stopped making plans. I enjoy the present and cherish my time with my son. Becoming a mother is a huge transition in life and having accomplished that, I feel blessed.”

Earlier, she candidly shared that she was suffering from depression and low self-esteem on her Instagram. She wrote, "Everything comes back “ that my Guruji Sanatan Chakarvarty told me during my postpartum days when I was suffering from low energy levels, sore back, low self-esteem, furious about how to take care of baby and myself, how to be regular for workout. but this line gave me a huge motivation, maybe to you as well."



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