Deepika Padukone's Strong Reply To People Saying, Ranveer Singh Invests His Money In Her Production

'Chaapaak' actress, Deepika Padukone has given a befitting reality check to all the people who think that her husband, Ranveer Singh invests some of his money into her production and films.


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Deepika Padukone's Strong Reply To People Saying, Ranveer Singh Invests His Money In Her Production

Deepika Padukone took her wedding vows with her long-time boyfriend and Bollywood’s powerhouse, Ranveer Singh on November 14-15, 2018, in Italy. Their wedding was a close-knit family affair and we hardly got a glimpse of their wedding ceremonies. However, later the newlywed couple themselves had shared some beautiful pictures from their wedding celebrations, officially announcing that they’re each other's. Ever since their marriage, Deepika and Ranveer have been giving strong marital goals to others out there. (Recommended Read: Dhruv Bhandari's Wife, Shruti Merchant Announces The Name Of Her Baby Girl With An Adorable Post)

While maintaining a perfect balance between personal and professional life, DeepVeer is setting an example for others out there. Since their wedding, a lot of people have asked the couple controversial questions. One such instance happened recently when Deepika Padukone was asked about her husband, Ranveer Singh’s share of investments in her films during a press conference. The Chaapaak actress had given a strong reply to the journalist and revealed that it is her money, not her husband’s. Now recently in an interview, the actress has reflected on the same incident.

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh Bangalore reception

In an interview with the Hindustan Times, Deepika Padukone has talked about the same incident but more deeply. The actress explained that most of the time, people come up with these kinds of questions just to have some sensational headline in their hands. However, the question itself reflects a deep-rooted mentality about a woman in society, as people think that a woman is always dependent on her father, boyfriend, and then husband. It’s extremely hard for people to digest the fact that a woman can also be independent, all on her own. Deepika Padukone has also talked about certain jobs that are associated with the men only and if women have to do a lot of hard work to get into those kinds of jobs. (Don't Miss: Taimur Ali Khan Helping Parents, Saif And Kareena At Their Shoot With A Blower Is Beyond Cuteness)

Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone

Well, no wonder Deepika Padukone’s words of wisdom are something that every person needs to hear once. However, this is the first time that Deepika has come across a creepy question like this one. Some months ago, Deepika too was a part of the show, Famously Filmfare and got candid about her wedding with Ranveer. When she was asked if marital status affects the box-office, the actress had replied, “Let’s hope so. Everyone is married. Does that mean that the industry comes to a standstill? Does that mean that we have no girls left? I guess, previously it was the person’s choice more than box-office diktats. If actresses didn’t work after marriage, they decided to prioritise something else over work. Probably, they were exhausted and just wanted to live life and nurture their families. But I’m sure the millennial woman doesn’t feel like that. When you don’t feel like that, it won’t be that way”.


Further sharing about her life post-marriage, Deepika had retorted, “I’m a lot more grounded. I feel secure, I feel protected. When you’re in a relationship, there’s still a lot of nerves, you’re still unsure, no matter how long you’ve been dating. I guess, the terms boyfriend and girlfriend sound frivolous. Somewhere, it doesn’t carry that weightage as marriage does. Today when we look at each other, there’s a sense of responsibility”. 

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh

In the end, the Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani actress labelled her married life with husband, Ranveer Singh as the best feeling in the world. She had concluded, “It’s beautiful living together. I’m sure cynics will say you’ve just gotten married to him, wait for 15 years or 25 years. We’ll figure it out then. For now, it’s the best feeling in the world. I looked forward to living together because I moved out of home at a young age to start working. A lot of my friends used to say we can’t wait to get out of our house. I was the opposite. I got out young. I craved for my family. When we were dating, it was about spending time with his family or going to Bangalore to be with my parents. I’d crave that quality time where you wake up in the morning and have someone to talk to while you’re having breakfast. For the last 15 years, I was alone”. (Also Read: Mohena Kumari Singh And Her Mother-In-Law's Twinning Pose Will Make You Say, 'Like Saas, Like Bahu')

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh

Well, Deepika Padukone never skips a chance to inspire everyone!

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