From 86 Kilos To 53 Kilos, This Is What Dalljiet Kaur Stopped Eating And Lost 33 Kilos


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From 86 Kilos To 53 Kilos, This Is What Dalljiet Kaur Stopped Eating And Lost 33 Kilos

When you fall in love, life changes for good. When you separate after a divorce or a breakup, your life takes a 360-degree turn and your world comes upside down! Some take it in a bad spirit while others take it in a good spirit!

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Dalljiet Kaur weight loss

Here is one celebrity who didn’t let divorce win over her and decided to give herself a makeover and start afresh!

She looks jaw-dropping now, after losing oodles of weight!

Dalljiet Kaur weight loss

We are talking about Dalljiet Kaur who is making headlines with her sexy pictures and amazing weight loss. The actress has lost a considerable amount of weight, post her divorce. She is looking fitter than ever. (READ: Daljeet Kaur Opens Up About Her Failed Marriage With Shaleen And Sudden Makeover)

Dalljiet Kaur weight loss

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Her makeover is worth the applause! The single mother has turned heads with her sexy avatar!

Dalljiet Kaur weight loss

Talking about her weight loss, the 34-year-old said:

"I was 86 kg, but now I am 53 kg. This makeover is for myself. If it benefits my work, it would be great. I steer clear of maida, fried and junk food. I use jaggery in my tea, instead of sugar. There's a substitute for everything."

Dalljiet Kaur weight loss

Woah! She lost 33 kgs! Talking further about her weight loss journey and the need to shed those extra kilos, Dalljiet said:

"I thought now was the time to get back in shape and I started working towards it. I feel when people are offering me work, they should do it willingly and it should not be under any pressure. Earlier, I couldn't do it as I needed money to join a gym and work on myself. But after I started working again, I could afford it."

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We are so happy to see the makeover, she is looking gorgeous in her new avatar. We are proud of you Dalljiet, you didn’t let divorce bring any negativity in your life! Stay tuned for all the updates on her!

Image Credit: Dalljiet Kaur Instagram