Daljeet Kaur's Shocking Transformation After Separation From Shaleen: She Lost 25 Kgs


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Daljeet Kaur's Shocking Transformation After Separation From Shaleen: She Lost 25 Kgs

Most of the time, coming out of a bad relationship makes you a better person. The same happened with television’s beautiful actress, Dajeet Kaur. The pretty lady got married to Shaleen Bhanot, but soon their marriage turned sour. Daljeet filed a complained against her husband Shaleen for physically abusing her.

It has been almost a year that the actress is living with her parents and son. She recently spilled all the details about her messed up marriage to actor Shaleen, and her surprising transformation to Spotboye. Take a look!

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On legally separating from Shaleen…

“I am filing for divorce. I have initiated the proceedings and the matter will be in court very soon.”

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Any second thoughts about going back to Shaleen?

“No. It's in the best interests of Shaleen, our son and I that Shaleen and I part ways legally.”

Do they talk nowadays?

“Yes, we are talking. We want to give the best to our child. So, we even met a couple of times recently to speak on a few matters. That's the best way to co-exist.”

Any financial aid from Shaleen?

“I don't want to disclose that at this point, and I hope you will understand.”

Has she lost weight?

“Yes, I have lost 25 kg.”

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How did the dramatic transformation happen?

“I am watching my food. No roti and rice since the past 1 year. This has been accompanied by a strict exercise regime. I alternate between running and cardio. Everyone is telling me that I never looked so young ever. Everybody who hasn't met me since some time is surprised at my new avatar. I was quite chubby and broad. Wait for a month or two and you'll see me fitter than even now. “

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Any reason behind this transformation?

“I wanted to return to this industry with my head held high. It should not be a compromise for anybody to give me work.”

How is she feeling after such drastic weight loss?

“I feel young. I want to make my son proud. I don't want to look back and get/remain bogged down. I want to be happy. I don't see any reason why I shouldn't be happy. I want my son to grow up as a happy person.” 

Does a woman need a man to be happy?

“No, I don’t need a man to be happy. I am not in that zone for now. It’s' just that I am looking ahead towards acquiring everything that can satisfy every need of my child. I want a great career now. I was very nervous and apprehensive about my career ahead after parting ways with Shaleen, but I have regained my confidence. I am setting my dreams. I am meeting producers. I am thrilled that I am being considered for lead roles in romantic serials where I'll have to play young. I hope to pick up a nice show soon. I would even love to anchor.”

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Who takes care of her son while she is shooting?

“I can shoot 20 hours at a stretch without worrying, my parents stay with me. They are my greatest support. We were together till I got married, and now we are together again. And yes, let me also tell you that I have changed my son's name from Shaarav to Jaydon.”

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Any specific reason behind changing the name of her son?

“His kundli alphabet is J, and Jaydon means 'God has heard'. There's so much positivity in that name.”

Did she want to remove the first two alphabets ‘Sh’ in Shaarav?


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More girl power to you, Daljeet! We are happy to see you in this new avatar, Daljeet! You are truly an inspiration for many single moms out there! 

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