5 Cool And Unique Ways To Announce Your Engagement To Close Friends And Family


By Manvi Malhotra Last Updated:

5 Cool And Unique Ways To Announce Your Engagement To Close Friends And Family

So, he finally popped the question? And, you said yes, didn't you? Well, congratulations! We are sure that you are dying to shout and tell the entire world that you are going to be his forever. However, restrain this rush of happiness for a little more time. After all, you have waited a long time for this moment. So, why should your engagement announcement not be as creative and emotional as the feelings rushing in and out of your heart at this moment?

We have a number of ideas which you can use to break the news of your engagement to your close friends and family members. Trust us, this will be the best way to surprise them. Check these out.

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#1. Customised coffee mugs

This is a very subtle way of announcing your engagement to your family and friends. You can get a mug with a cool quote written on it that hints upon your engagement. Then, all you have to do is wait for everyone to catch on to the hint you are dropping. Once they do it, everyone will go crazy! It will definitely be a sight to behold.

#2. Take your pets' help

This can be the sweetest way to share your happiness with your near and dear ones, provided that you love animals. If you have a pet, you can always take its help in letting everyone in on your big, happy secret. You can get your little friend a tag that has your announcement engraved on it. You can also use placards to do the same.

#3. Cookies come to the rescue

Who doesn’t love cookies? These small, colourful treats can brighten anybody’s day. So, give your beloved ones a sweet surprise by getting some cute cookies with your engagement news written on them. It will be a double treat for them. You can also hide your message inside a fortune cookie and give it to all those you want to surprise.

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#4. Post a picture on your social media platforms

This is another creative way to tell everyone that you are going to be Mrs. soon. You can post this picture to your social media profiles (Facebook, Instagram, etc.). If you want only selected people to know about this, you can send the picture to them as a personal message. You can even send them this photo via WhatsApp. Imagine their surprised faces when they see it. Sounds fun, right?

#5. Calender

You can get a personalised calender designed especially for the purpose of making an announcement. Then, very sneakily put up the calender on the wall. Someone or the other will definitely notice it, and then what will happen is something you know. Celebrations, celebrations!

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So, now that you have a lot of creative ideas to pick from, make sure that your engagement announcement is not a dull and boring one. Make it special for yourself, your partner, and certainly the ones you are going to tell! It will become a memory of a lifetime.