Complete Guide For Girls To Find The Right Brush For Their Hair Type


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Complete Guide For Girls To Find The Right Brush For Their Hair Type

We spend a lot on hair serums, hair sprays, hair oils and so on, but never do we think about the ‘right’ hair brush because we think it barely makes a difference, right? But, let us tell you that it’s time you think about investing in this basic and most appropriate hair tool. Simply because if you end up using the wrong ones, you will damage your hair and sometimes that damage might be beyond repair.

Having said that, make sure you take a good look at this guide that will help you buy the perfect hair brush as per your hair type, and for your everyday needs.

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#1. Thick or wavy hair

Detangle your thick hair with a flat paddle brush. The soft bristles that plop out of the air-filled rubber cushion, bend along your scalp and massage it. Thanks to the wide surface area of paddle brushes, the bristles glide through your thick hair and also minimise damage from pulling the hair from its root. This brush is also perfect for anyone whose hair straightens easily when heat is applied. Replace your paddle brush when you notice the bristles losing the plastic tips that cover it.

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#2. Fine, thin hair

Your go-to brush is the boar brush that has a combination of boar and nylon bristles. The bristles are soft and gentle on your already fine and fragile strands. Moreover, the boar bristles distribute natural oil along the scalp and hair to make it shinier. If you are styling your hair, go for round brush with metal barrel. The metal barrel retains heat and helps reduce the time it takes to blow-dry your hair, which means less damage to your hair too.

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#3. Curly hair

Those with curly hair need special care, which means no brush at all. Just use your fingers to detangle (not when they are completely wet), or if you think you cannot do it this way, use a wide-toothed comb. For fly-aways and frizz, just use a leave-in conditioner, a hair curl cream or oil serums, and you are sorted!

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#4. Wet hair

Wet hair is saturated and stretches to about 50% and breaks more easily than dry hair, which stretches to only about 20 to 30%. It is therefore wise to use only a wide-toothed comb to detangle your wet hair. This will avoid causing any sort of stretch and will save you from losing far too many strands.

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We guess you would not be so intimidated while buying a hair brush as you did earlier. Just keep one thing in mind: when you are brushing your tresses, it may take a little longer to groom them, so be patient and have a fabulous hair day every day!