5 Comfortable Alternatives For Brides Who Can't Handle Heels On Their Wedding Day

Smart alternatives for brides who do not want to wear high heels.


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5 Comfortable Alternatives For Brides Who Can't Handle Heels On Their Wedding Day

Wedding day is stressful in itself, and on top of that, brides have to wear high heels along with heavy wedding attires. But let’s face the facts, standing or dancing in heels for long hours gets painful. But what if we give you a list of super-comfortable yet stylish flats or sandals?

Yes, we have some smart alternatives for all those brides who do not want to wear high heels on their special day. Here they are!

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#1. Juttis or mojaris

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Wear juttis or mojaris for a comfortable yet chic look. You can opt for juttis/mojaris with colourful threads, ghungroos, stones embedded ones or any other according to the demand of your outfit.

#2. Ballerinas

Bridal Footwear

And if you do not want to wear juttis, then opt for ballet flats. Be it shimmery one with ribbons, printed, plain or in any other design; these super-comfortable bellies will add that extra glamour to your outfit for sure.

#3. Flats

Bridal Footwear

Wear flats for your happy feet. Flats are available in so many trendy styles and attractive colours. We are sure you will definitely be lured by them.

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#4. Kitten heels

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If you still want to wear heels but not a high heel, then kitten heels will be perfect for you. The heel is of the right size, neither too high nor too flat. And the best part is that you can wear them with your traditional attire as well as western outfits while staying all comfortable.

#5. Wedges or platform

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Another good alternative to wearing comfortable heels are wedge heels or platform. They are apt footwear to give you the desired height as well as comfort. It is a win-win situation.

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#6. Sneakers

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Yes, you read it right. Wearing designer, plain or embellished sneakers is an in-thing these days. With sneakers, you can show your funky side along with staying super-relaxed.

While wearing the flats, you need to keep a few things in mind:

  • New mojiri or juttis can tend to bite for a couple of days. So, make sure you wear them a few days before your wedding to avoid any blisters or shoe bite.
  • Do keep band-aid or cotton handy in case of shoe bites. Or, you can even stick the band-aid in the shoes beforehand to avoid blisters.

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Image Courtesy: Pinterest
  • And since you will be wearing flats on your big day, make sure you mention this to you tailor or designer so that they can alter the length of your lehenga accordingly.
  • Ballets and flats might slip on the marble so make sure you test them before the big day or buy them with anti-slip sole.
  • If you are getting customised footwear, then do purchase your lehenga before so that you can match your footwear with your dress unless you are going for the contrast look.

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The right pair of shoes can add extra glamour to your attire along with comfort, which high heels don't offer. Since you now know what all styles you can wear on your wedding day other than heels, decide wisely and be one stylish and relaxed bride on your special day. And do not forget to mention your pick in the comment box below.

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