Chhavi Mittal Thanks Little Arham For Being A Good Baby On Sets, Pens An Emotional Note On His Debut

Chhavi Mittal and Mohit Hussein's newborn son, Arham Hussein made his acting debut on July 11, 2019. Today, on July 12, 2019, Chhavi wrote a heartwarming note thanking him. Check inside.


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Chhavi Mittal Thanks Little Arham For Being A Good Baby On Sets, Pens An Emotional Note On His Debut

Motherhood- the very word comes with humongous happiness and a LOT of responsibilities at the same time. Right from cherishing those nine months when your 'mini-me' is inside you to finally, holding him/her in your arms once he/she enters the world, the level of cheerfulness and contentment knows no bounds! Exactly this happened with famous television actress and S.I.T co-owner, Chhavi Mittal. And the one actress who has been very vocal and thoughtful all throughout her second-time pregnancy journey is undoubtedly Chhavi.

Chhavi has given an all-new definition to social media and the discussions we come across on the comments section of her posts is applaud-worthy. Chhavi is happily married to Mohit Hussein and the couple are now proud parents to two kids, Areeza Hussein and Arham Hussein. It was on May 13, 2019, that Chhavi and Mohit completed their family with the arrival of Arham, and yesterday on July 11, 2019, the little munchkin made his on-screen acting debut. Yes, that’s exactly what you read! (You May Like: Sushant Singh Rajput Gave A Special Gift To Rhea Chakraborty On Her Birthday, Details Inside)

Chhavi Mittal Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

Today, on July 12, 2019, Chhavi Mittal took to her official Instagram handle and penned an emotional note for her baby, Arham. Revealing that he was good to her and Mohit during the shoot, Chhavi thanked him. The excited mommy’s caption could be read as, “Yesterday was overwhelming. My darling baby @arhamhussein made his debut on SIT! A little something that people don't know about the shoot. We shot for full 12 hours, out of which this little star came on set for all of 5 minutes and gave us 20 different reactions to insert! Then I took him away to his room, where he slept like a baby (er.. he IS a baby after all).”

Arham Hussein

Yesterday, on July 11, 2019, Chhavi had introduced Arham to the S.I.T logo and had shared that picture with her fans on Instagram. Along with the same, she had made an official announcement regarding Arham's acting debut. Her caption could be read as, “Little @arhamhussein looking at his brother.. his present.. his future (maybe, but who knows)! He's been on SIT ever since his conception. I was shooting for The Family Vacation in Kasauli when I was 2 months pregnant. Nobody knew, since I hadn't announced, but I was feeling all the discomfort, nausea, irritability, back ache, tiredness, sleepiness.. and the constant urge to pee and only he was there to endure that with me. Secretly, silently, we both started bonded right from then on.” (Also Read: Shakti Kapoor Has A Witty Reaction To Daughter Shraddha Kapoor's Wedding Rumours With Rohan Shrestha)

Mohit and Arham

She had further written, “And his silent bonding with @shittyideastrending also started from then on. This was clicked on the first day I resumed office, and calmly he stared at the logo, as if having his own secret conversation with it, safely, securely protected in dad @mohithussein 's arms. I beam with pride today when he makes his debut on SIT today at 2.30pm on YouTube! My baby, you're our partner in crime, like a twin joined at the hip. Mom, Abu & Areeza love you to bits! #babyarham.”

Mohit and Arham

She further went on to write, “It was almost as though he knew that mom and dad are shooting today, and he should stay calm on the sets. He felt uncannily home on a shooting set. Well, thank GOD for that, since just a day before he had cried all day due to colic and we got such a scare that we almost called off the shoot! Since both Mohit & me didn't feel like leaving him or taking him along if he felt uncomfortable. So, thank you little Arham for allowing my transition back to shoot to be smooth. You're already so considerate!”

Chhavi Mittal and Arham

Announcing the arrival of Arham Hussein, Chhavi had taken to her Instagram and had shared a lovely glimpse of him. Along with the same, she had written, “Announcing the arrival of baby boy Arham Hussein on 13th may. Thank you so much for all your wishes. I'm still in the hospital recovering and will be sharing my birth story soon :) #babyboy #chhavimittal #pregnancy #boy #son #motherhood #motherandson.” (Checkout: Latest Picture Of Kareena Kapoor Khan And Saif Ali Khan From London, He Flaunts An Uber Cool Tattoo)

Chhavi Mittal

After delivering Arham, Chhavi had explained how she had managed her work and the pain of delivering her LO. She started off her social media note by describing the pain of her swollen feet, “My feet are so swollen that even flip flops don't fit. So is the rest of my body. My head hurts like it'll explode, due to the spinal tap. I've gone deaf in one ear, also an extremely rare side effect of the spinal tap. I'm supposed to drink 5 litres of water, and getting up to go the loo takes 15 minutes. Lying down is the only position that gives me comfort, sometimes I even eat in that position.”

Chhavi Mittal Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

She had further stated how she is managing her office work by waking up during the wee hours and her take on post-partum depression, “But right now, at 1am, I'm doing some office work, when the baby sleeps and there's some peace, because @shittyideastrending 's new Web-series #BinBulayeMehmaan had to be launched today. I know this will pass. This pain will be forgotten. But will the pain that I endured on my soul during the birth be ever forgotten? Sharing my birth story soon, when I feel ready. #birthstory.” (Do Read: Chhavi Mittal Had Suffered Horrendous Consequences For Sharing Her Birth Story, This Is What She Did)

Here's conveying all our love to Chhavi Mittal, Mohit Hussein and their little ones, Areeza and Arham!

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