Chhavi Mittal Reveals When One Should Not Smile Back At Their Baby, Talks About Baby Sleep-Training

Arham Hussein was born to Shitty Ideas Trending co-founders, Chhavi Mittal and Mohit Hussein on May 13, 2019. Read how Chhavi sleep trains Arham in the night.


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Chhavi Mittal Reveals When One Should Not Smile Back At Their Baby, Talks About Baby Sleep-Training

The pre-birth, birth and post-birth story of a baby is nothing short of a miraculous action! For the already mommies or soon-to-be mommies reading this, can you imagine a superior quality than nurturing a life inside you and giving birth? It takes a woman her sleep, comfort, bodily changes and what not to breathe life into that little ‘lub-dub’ that has been beating inside of you. And when he/she arrives, it’s time to introduce him/her about how the world operates! One of the most famous celeb yummy mummies is steadily pacing towards ‘training’ her little piece of cheesecake, Arham Hussein. (Do Read: Chhavi Mittal Pens A Beautiful Note On Pleasures Of Raising A Baby, Talks About Being Newbie Parents)

Arham Hussein (we can also regard him as the youngest YouTuber) was born to Shitty Ideas Trending co-founders, Chhavi Mittal and Mohit Hussein on May 13, 2019. Chhavi had penned her entire preggy blog on Instagram and had encouraged millions out there. Ever since little Arham came into being, we all were deeply intrigued to catch a glimpse of the ‘boss baby’ and so we did! It was on July 11, 2019, almost two months of Arham’s birth, did we see the little one (LO) cull out apt expressions for the two times that he was shown to all! Here are the glimpses:

Arham Hussein

Arham Hussein

After Arham Hussein’s birth, Chhavi Mittal has always shared parenting tips, shedding post-partum weight and sneak peeks from her life. And once again, she is back with some common mommy problems such as regularising the sleep pattern of babies. Talking about the same, Chhavi wrote, “So many of you are asking me multiple questions about how to regularise sleep and feed timings with your LO. What I do with mine, how often he eats, how much he sleeps, etc... Dear mothers, let me start by saying that there is no wrong way to raise your LO. And what my baby does may be as different from what yours does, as is what I do with my day vs what you do with yours.”

Chavi Mittal

Chhavi Mittal’s note could be further read as, “These tiny humans may be tiny, but they are every bit as human as us grown-ups. In fact, their instincts are far more developed than ours. We forget how to read our instincts as we grow up.. but when a baby asks for food, he's recognising his hunger. When he wants to sleep, he knows he's tired. When he smiles, he knows he's content. So how much your baby eats, how often, how much he sleeps, he is fit enough to control all that. What he cannot control is what he didn't know inside the womb. He cannot differentiate between night and day. So if you gently guide him to understand that night sleeps have to be continuous and day time naps are divided, he or she will definitely thrive and chances are, you will have a calmer baby at your hands!” (Must Read: Sameera Reddy's Son Hans Brings His Newborn Sister Home Cuddled In His Arms, It Is A Sight To Behold)

Mohit and Arham

Chhavi Mittal’s note concluded with, “And while I know how hard it is to not play with him when he wakes up in the middle of the night and smiles at you, it is imperative for his own sake that you refrain from smiling back. Because when you softly tell him without an inviting smile that it's time to go back to sleep, is when he starts understanding what night is all about! Also, don't forget to dim the lights! But remember, give your little bundle at least 3 months to make this world his own before you start making judgements like, my baby wakes up all night!#nightsleep.”

Chhavi Mittal and Arham Hussein

Chhavi Mittal, a few days back, had also shared how she is trying to sleep train her newborn, Arham Hussein. She had stated, “For the last week or so I've been trying to sleep train Arham. Trying for him to understand the difference between night and day.. day time is for playing and eating, night time is for sleeping and growing! Regulated feed timings, regulated nap timings, maintaining a log to understand his requirements better etc... But when is a good time to give in, or give up? When he wails at an odd time (during a nap or worse, in the night) you go to him to see what caused it, and find a baby with a BIG gummy smile across his face! There goes all your resolve to make him sleep and to get some sleep yourself! Yours truly, Severely sleep-deprived mommy #sleepdeprived.” (Also Read: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Fame Priyanka Kalantri Looks Gorgeous In Her Pregnancy Shoot Pictures)

Chhavi Mittal

A lot of newbie mothers can vouch for a fact that their sleep and entire sleeping pattern goes in for a toss when they welcome a baby in their lives. Here's what Chhavi Mittal feels about it, "People tell a new mother to "sleep when the baby sleeps". But let me tell you it's really not possible! Because when the baby sleeps you gotta eat, bathe, brush, fold clothes, sort out the cupboard, order groceries, check mails, write scripts, call for some essentials online, decide what to cook, Instagram too and some days, comb your hair! Boy, it's exhausting! And then if the baby is kind, you get to take a 20 min power nap. Telling you, I've been sleeping 4 hours every 24 hours... zzzz... #newmother.”

Chhavi Mittal

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