Chhavi Mittal's Daughter, Areeza Decorates The Whole House To Welcome Her Baby Brother, Mama And Abu

Chhavi Mittal, from her hospital bed, has regularly been penning her post-pregnancy diary. But this time, it is her hubby, Mohit Hussein, who shared a glimpse of a cute gesture by daughter, Areeza.


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Chhavi Mittal's Daughter, Areeza Decorates The Whole House To Welcome Her Baby Brother, Mama And Abu

This is for all the elder siblings reading this: One day, you might have asked God if 'annoying creatures' are for real. Little did you know that God will actually give you a demo by landing in a little sibling (someone whom we lovingly call our little devil!). And ever since, we bet you must have stopped having a one-on-one conversation with God! Sometimes he/she will leave no bounds to annoy you the utmost, but there are days when you shudder to think what would you do without them! And Chhavi Mittal’s six-year-old daughter, Areeza Hussein is already thankful for the little gift which her parents have given her in the form of a baby brother, Arham Hussein. (Do Read: Taimur Ali Khan Plays Peek-A-Boo Through Window With His Paparazzi Friends [VIDEO INSIDE])

S.I.T.’s co-founder, Chhavi Mittal has garnered immense popularity and tonnes of respect in the past few months. Courtesy, her pregnancy diary on Instagram. The second time newbie mommy has captured her entire pregnancy journey on getting scared, unfit clothes, staying healthy, working until the wee moments of her delivery, baby shower, hypno-birthing and what not! And that’s how we came to the conclusion that Chhavi Mittal is a wonder woman! It was on May 13, 2019, when Chhavi and her hubby, Mohit became proud parents to a baby boy, Arham Hussein.

Chhavi Mittal

Chhavi Mittal, from her hospital bed, has regularly been penning her post-pregnancy diary. But this time, it is her hubby, Mohit Hussein, who took to Instagram and shared with all, a glimpse of a super-adorable gesture of their daughter Areeza Hussein, who had decorated their entire house as she welcomed her mama, abbu and baby brother, Arham. Sharing a glimpse of the same, Mohit wrote, “This is how #BabyArham got welcomed home by his elder sister #Areeza. Just a glimpse into how she decorated the rest of the house as well. Lucky to have her as his guiding angle. Blessed to have Areeza. Welcome home Arham.#completefamily #fatherhood #loveallaround #kids #newborn #familyfirst #siblings #siblinglove #sister #brother.”

Areeza welcomes baby brother

Isn’t it adorable? Areeza Hussein is the kind of daughter that every mother gives an example of! It was just yesterday (May 17, 2019), when Chhavi Mittal had taken to Instagram and shared a cute story of how her daughter, Areeza protected her using a bindi! Sharing the anecdote, she had written, “Notice that bindi on my forehead? It's a bit off-centre. That's because it's been put there by my 6 year old saying it's "a protective bindi" and will protect me from everything! Well, I'm so so overwhelmed with the concern so many of you have shown me for my recovery postpartum. Yes, my hearing that was such a scare is back. My headache has subsided.” (Must Read: Ekta Kapoor's Newborn Son, Ravie Kapoor Has A High Temper, Reveals How She's Managing Things)

Chhavi Mittal’s note had further continued, “And today Arham and me established a good latch for a comfortable breastfeeding relationship. We are back home and just the feeling of the comfort is just that.. comfortable... A lactation consultant visited me and taught me a few things about good BFing. First thing, all new mothers like me, it takes a few days. It seems like a lost battle at first, but persistence is sure to make you win. Everyone does it, and once you conquer it, there's nothing simpler, and nothing more satisfying. I'm struggling with some bleeding, but I know that with that protective bindi and all your good wishes, victory is just a few days away!#revovering.”

On March 31, 2019, Chhavi Mittal’s hubby, Mohit Hussein had shared how little Areeza had been steadily shopping for her soon-to-arrive sibling. Revealing the same, he had written, “It's believed that to be mom's start nesting in the 9th month, in our case it's the sister to be who is nesting and the most excited. She has hand-picked each of the things herself and the booties are her favorite. #sistobe #sister #oldersister #siblings #bootieshoes #excitement #areeza #bond #amazing #nesting #newstart #mohithussein #daughtersarethebest.”

Chhavi Mittal’s Daughter, Areeza

And soon after, S.I.T.’s Instagram page (owned by Chhavi Mittal and hubby, Mohit Hussein) had given another update about the fun family as they then awaited the little munchkin’s arrival. The same was pertaining to the baby’s name and a fun pact that they had with daughter, Areeza. The same could be read as, “The Little One may not have arrived yet, but the home of #SIT founders @mohithussein and @chhavihussein is buzzing with baby names at the moment. The first time around it was the parents of the kid and the immediate family which had a say in suggesting names.”

Chhavi Mittal and family

The post from S.I.T.’s Instagram page could be further read as, “However, this time around it’s a little bit different. Chhavi and Mohit’s daughter, Areeza, has also joined in to find that perfect baby name. So if it is a baby girl it will be Areeza who will name the child. Areeza has already decided on a beautiful name. And in her words, “I have chosen the name and locked it. If you all don’t use that name all other names will also fall off and we will have to start all over again to find a new name.” However if it’s a baby boy, Mohit and Chhavi will have their say in naming the baby. Let’s wait and watch how this goes. Till then, wishing the Hussein’s a happy pregnancy period.”

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Chhavi Mittal had also shared Areeza reacted to the news of her mommy’s pregnancy, "Areeza was ecstatic when she heard that there is a baby in my tummy. She almost didn't believe me and couldn't stop laughing. She is so excited, she loves to kiss the belly, she loves to feel the kicks. And everytime she feels the kick, she has a really cute expressions on her face and where she is like, "Oh My Goddd!!! And she has a lot of plans for the baby. The toys she is gonna give the baby, the clothes she is going to give the baby. She ideally wants to have a sister, but she is perfectly fine even if it is a brother as long as it's cute and she thinks it's going to be the cutest in the whole world." (Also Read: Shruti Seth's Daughter Alina Aslam Compared To Baby Alia Bhatt As Mom-Daughter Strike Pose)

We can’t wait to see little Areeza Hussein’s first picture with her baby brother, Arham Hussein! How about you?

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