Chhavi Mittal Reveals People Think She Doesn't Understand Seriousness Of Cancer Due To Fast Recovery

In an interview, Chhavi Mittal hit back at the online trolling which she had to face. She also revealed how people didn't think of the pain she had to go through while fighting against cancer.


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Chhavi Mittal Reveals People Think She Doesn't Understand Seriousness Of Cancer Due To Fast Recovery

Chhavi Mittal is known for her outspoken nature and bubbly nature. However, she fought against one of the deadliest diseases, i.e., breast cancer surgery, in the recent past. But despite her tough journey, Chhavi constantly gets trolled on social media for her posts revealing her battle with cancer. Now, she opened up about the same once again, and hit back at the recent trolls she had to face online. For the unversed, Chhavi is married to the love of her life, Mohit Hussein and they are blessed with two kids, Areeza and Arham.

Chhavi Mittal on how people think she doesn't understand the seriousness of cancer despite giving a tough fight to it

In an interview with the Hindustan Times, Chhavi Mittal opened up about how people have certain problems with her as she is extremely vocal about her journey on social media. She mentioned how her fast recovery added fuel to people's thoughts that she didn't understand the seriousness of the disease. However, the actress mentioned that it was only her who was diagnosed with cancer in April 2022, and had to fight with it. She said:

“I don’t understand how much is too much, or less, or enough. And hence, I don’t know how to react to these people who have a problem with my talking about cancer. When I spoke about cancer, everybody felt it’s great to spread awareness. But now, just because I have recovered fast, many feel that I don’t understand the seriousness of this disease. It is really unfair. I am the one who went through it and had the strength to fight it.”

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chhavi mittal breast cancer scars

Chhavi hits back at trolls who trolled her posting on National Cancer Survivor Day

Further, Chhavi hit back at those, who brutally trolled her as she posted on National Cancer Survivor Day(June 4, 2023) and mentioned that she is ‘doing too much’. For the unversed, on National Cancer Survivor Day, Chhavi shared a video of herself doing an intense workout, on her IG handle. In the same conversation, Chhavi reacted to the trolls and stated what she had to endure during her life's most challenging phase. But the actress never forgot to smile, which made her recovery journey easier. Elaborating more on it, she added:

“You don’t know what a cancer survivor has gone through. Having cancer doesn’t mean that your life has ended. So, I am still not shy to talk about it on social media as it is a part of my life. People don’t have a problem if a mum talks about motherhood or when fitness enthusiasts talk about their fitness journey. But if a cancer survivor is talking about cancer on National Cancer Survivor Day, which is celebrated throughout the country, then someone will get up and say ‘Oh, it’s getting too much’. It’s so superfluous.”

To watch the video, click here.

Chhavi mentions why such trolls deserve a reply

The cancer survivor also mentioned how she usually ignores such baseless comments. However, Chhavi sometimes reacted strongly to them as they deserved a reply. For the unversed, Chhavi has taken the step and given befitting replies to the netizens who brutally trolled her online. Now, she mentioned how these trollers need to be identified in front of everybody and concluded:

“People troll when they are resentful, very unhappy in their own life and want to create a stir in someone else’s life. Identify the troll by seeing that this person doesn’t have a name, profile picture, or any post. Most of the people have these things in common. These people are living in a shell and don’t have a voice in real life. They should be brought out, so that they don’t do that to others. I share such comments once in a while to give my opinion about these trolls because it is also important to voice that opinion. Nobody has the right to tell anybody that this is getting too much.”

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chhavi mittal breast cancer scars

When Chhavi Mittal slammed a troll who questioned her parenting

On June 6, 2023, Chhavi Mittal took to her IG handle and shared a stunning picture of herself in a black-hued bikini. Chhavi was seen lying on the sand at the beach and sunbathing. However, as soon as she posted her picture, it didn't go well with a section of netizens. Reacting to the same, a netizen sent a hate DM to the actress, asking her if she cares for her kids. Soon, Chhavi slammed the troll with a befitting response on her social media handle. Check out:

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