Chhavi Mittal And Mohit Hussein Had A Fun-Pact With Daughter, Areeza Upon Naming Soon-To-Arrive Baby

S.I.T.’s Instagram page has given another update about Chhavi Mittal and Mohit Hussein as they await the little munchkin’s arrival. And this one’s pertaining to the baby name and a pact with Areeza.


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Chhavi Mittal And Mohit Hussein Had A Fun-Pact With Daughter, Areeza Upon Naming Soon-To-Arrive Baby

Welcoming a baby in one’s life and family maybe just as exciting as it sounds, but it also comes with its own set of challenges and preparations. After 9 months of happiness, pain, changes inside one’s body, baby kicks, cravings and mood swings, when a newbie mother holds her little one in her arms for the first time, words cannot suffice that feeling! And S.I.T., co-founder, Chhavi Mittal is all set to experience something similar for the second time as she awaits her baby in May 2019. (Do Read: Chhavi Mittal Calms Scared Mommies-To-Be By Revealing An Astonishing Pregnancy Secret Of Hers)

Do you know, it took Chhavi Mittal 6 years to decide if she want’s a second baby? Yes, and when she did, there has been no looking back! Chhavi is already blessed with an adorable daughter, named Areeza and time and again in interviews, the second time mommy-to-be has revealed how much her little daughter has been helping her. On March 31, 2019, Chhavi Mittal’s hubby, Mohit Hussein shared with us how little Areeza has been shopping for her soon-to-arrive sibling. Revealing the same, he wrote, “It's believed that to be mom's start nesting in the 9th month, in our case it's the sister to be who is nesting and the most excited. She has hand-picked each of the things herself and the booties are her favorite. #sistobe #sister #oldersister #siblings #bootieshoes #excitement #areeza #bond #amazing #nesting #newstart #mohithussein #daughtersarethebest.”

Chhavi Mittal’s Daughter, Areeza

And now, S.I.T.’s Instagram page (owned by Chhavi Mittal and hubby, Mohit Hussein) has given us another update about the fun family as they await the little munchkin’s arrival. And this one’s pertaining to the baby’s name and a fun pact that they had with daughter, Areeza. The same could be read as, “The Little One may not have arrived yet, but the home of #SIT founders @mohithussein and @chhavihussein is buzzing with baby names at the moment. The first time around it was the parents of the kid and the immediate family which had a say in suggesting names.”

Chhavi Mittal and family

The post from S.I.T.’s Instagram page could be further read as, “However, this time around it’s a little bit different. Chhavi and Mohit’s daughter, Areeza, has also joined in to find that perfect baby name. So if it is a baby girl it will be Areeza who will name the child. Areeza has already decided on a beautiful name. And in her words, “I have chosen the name and locked it. If you all don’t use that name all other names will also fall off and we will have to start all over again to find a new name.” However if it’s a baby boy, Mohit and Chhavi will have their say in naming the baby. Let’s wait and watch how this goes. Till then, wishing the Hussein’s a happy pregnancy period.” (Must Read: Chhavi Mittal Shares An Interesting Birth Plan For Her Second Baby, Soon-To-Be-Mommies Take Note)

Chhavi Mittal shares 5 myths around pregnancy

In a chat with us, Chhavi Mittal had also spoken about finalising their soon-to-arrive second baby’s name and had shared, “Okay, so we haven't decicded on any name. As in, we do have a few options in mind, but nothing as of now is finalised yet. And I hope before the baby comes, we have a name because i mean the last time we had a baby, we were more prepared, we had a name for a baby girl and a name for a baby boy. So, this time also, we want to do it like that. But right now, we have a few options and nothing is finalised yet."

Chhavi Mittal

Chhavi Mittal had also shared Areeza reacted to the news of her mommy’s pregnancy, "Areeza was ecstatic when she heard that there is a baby in my tummy. She almost didn't believe me and couldn't stop laughing. She is so excited, she loves to kiss the belly, she loves to feel the kicks. And everytime she feels the kick, she has a really cute expressions on her face and where she is like, "Oh My Goddd!!! And she has a lot of plans for the baby. The toys she is gonna give the baby, the clothes she is going to give the baby. She ideally wants to have a sister, but she is perfectly fine even if it is a brother as long as it's cute and she thinks it's going to be the cutest in the whole world."

Chhavi Mittal and Mohit Hussein

In an interview with TOI, Chhavi Mittal also spoke about the support she receives from Areeza, “Areeza is a responsible child and she is really excited about welcoming a new member; I feel a little relieved because of that. The best part is, will continue to work through my pregnancy.” Does Chhavi want a baby boy or a girl? She had replied, “Sometimes, we feel that it would be nicer to have a boy, so that my girl gets a brother. But then, there are days when we see how loving and responsible she is, and we yearn for another daughter. Mohit and I have had zeroed in on a few names — for both girl and boy. As of now, all I want is a healthy baby.” (Also Read: Mom-To-Be Chhavi Mittal Reveals Feeling When The Baby Kicks, Shares Areeza's Expressions [Exclusive])

Chhavi Mittal with daughter Areeza

As the days approach, we can’t wait to see a happy family picture of the awesome foursome Hussein family! Guys, why don’t you suggest some names for the little munchkin? We await!

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