Charu Asopa And Neeraj Malviya Of 'Mere Angne Mein': From On-Screen Siblings To A Real-Life Couple


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Charu Asopa And Neeraj Malviya Of 'Mere Angne Mein': From On-Screen Siblings To A Real-Life Couple

It happens a lot of times that you know someone and consider them to be a good human being, but never feel electrified whenever they are around. It is only after spending some time with them, you grow really fond of them and before you even know, you are in love with this person!

Well, this is no fiction! It happened with one of the most adorable jodis of the television world, Charu Asopa and Neeraj Malviya of Mere Angne Mein fame.

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When their loved ones wanted them to fall in love

Charu Asopa and Neeraj Malviya

Charu and Neeraj, who play the role of brother-sister in the show, knew each other before they started working together. In fact, the common friend through whom they knew each other even tried to get them together. But nothing happened at that time. So how did things change for them? Neeraj once talked about this in an interview, he said:

“We knew each other before we fell in love. A common friend tried to get us together, but as they say, 'everything happens at the right time'. It's only after we started working together, did we feel strongly for each other.”

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Some things common, some things interesting…

Charu Asopa and Neeraj Malviya

Talking further about what brought them together, he said:

“She is from Bikaner and I am from Bhopal. We realised that we had common interests and a similar upbringing. Also, she can speak chaste Hindi, something I always wanted my partner to be good at.”

Wow, that’s interesting!

Taking the next step

Charu Asopa and Neeraj Malviya

After Charu and Neeraj started dating each other, they didn’t reveal this to anyone because they wanted to be sure about it themselves first. Neeraj was once asked in an interview about what took them so long to admit being in a relationship, and here’s what he said:

“We felt that it was too soon to admit to being in a relationship.”

Reportedly, Neeraj proposed to Charu on his birthday in June 2015, and the two did not take long to take their relationship to the next level. And, just a few days before doing so, Neeraj gave this statement to a leading daily:

“We will exchange rings on February 17 in Bhopal. We haven't fixed a date for the wedding, but that will happen any time before February 2017.”  

Yes, the two got engaged on February 17, 2016. The engagement took place in Neeraj’s hometown Bhopal, with only family members of the couple present at the do. The two looked drop dead gorgeous as a couple in pink outfits. Here, have a look at their engagement pictures:

Charu Asopa and Neeraj Malviya

Charu Asopa and Neeraj Malviya

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After the engagement, Charu too gave an official statement to a leading tabloid, saying:

"Well, many of them were not aware of my engagement. Only our close relatives were present for the engagement, as it was a private affair. Neeraj’s grandfather passed away recently, so we decided on not celebrating it in a big way.”

Interestingly, Charu had her reel life engagement just a few days before getting engaged in real. So, sharing the experience, she stated:

“Yes, it was a dress rehearsal of sorts, when I shot for my engagement sequence in Mere Angne Mein. And when I walked my way to getting engaged to Neeraj, it was my happiest moment.”

Charu Asopa and Neeraj Malviya

Talking about the wedding plans, this is what the actress had stated:

“We will be tying the knot sometime in December this year or January 2017. The date has not been finalized yet.”

Well, the tentative dates of Charu and Neeraj’s wedding are already gone, but we haven’t heard anything about their big day so far. But we are sure these two will break the happy news very soon.

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Love-filled moments

Charu Asopa and Neeraj Malviya

As we already told you, Charu and Neeraj are screen siblings. So how do they manage the awkwardness whenever they have to shoot a scene together? Neeraj revealed the details about it in one of his interviews:

“Fortunately they haven't been given too many scenes in the show. Even if we are in the same frame, I will be a thorough professional. I guess Charu might have a problem though. For a scene, she had to call me 'Amit bhaiya', so she chose to address me as Amitji instead.”

That’s cute!

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Team BollywoodShaadis wishes this adorable couple much happiness together. And, for all the latest updates on them, do stay tuned with us.

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