Chahatt Khanna Spends Quality Time With Her Daughters, Zohar And Amaira Amidst The Lockdown

The COVID-19 outbreak has given a lot of families a chance to spend more quality time with their family and stay safe from the virus. Check out how Chahatt is enjoying her time with her girls!


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Chahatt Khanna Spends Quality Time With Her Daughters, Zohar And Amaira Amidst The Lockdown

The COVID-19 outbreak has proved that the things we are running after, are all temporary. We might be locked inside our homes to stay away and stay safe from the highly contagious virus, but it is also a chance for us to spend this time recreating the life, we always wanted with our family and friends. And television actress, Chahatt Khanna is enjoying every second of her quarantine period with her girls, Zohar Mirza And Amaira Mirza. (Recommend Read: Paras Chhabra Lashed Out At Ex-Girlfriend, Akanksha Puri, Says She's Better-Known For Being His Ex)

We all know Chahatt is a single mother, who is taking care of her daughters on her own. In an interview with The Times of India, the actress had shared the challenges she is facing during the quarantine period. She had revealed that it's very difficult to be in the house with two kids, who constantly wants her attention. So, she can't even step out and she can't even do anything. She had stated that she is giving them the household tasks to keep them busy. And with all of this, she is taking care of their immunity and giving them vitamin C. So, they don't fall sick.

On March 30, 2020, Chahatt took to her Instagram handle and shared a few videos on her Instagram handle with her girls. In her Instagram stories, we can see her dancing her heart out with her little girls, Zohra and Amaira on kids song. Chahatt looked gorgeous in a black dress and subtle makeup. Take a look at the screenshot of her Instagram stories below:

Chahatt Khanna

Chahatt Khanna

Chahatt Khanna

For those who don't know, Chahatt, who gained immense popularity for her acting stint in Bade Ache Lagte Hai, is staying away from her husband, Farhan Mirza. The duo had tied the knot in 2013, and together they welcomed two gorgeous daughters, Zoharr and Amaira to this world.  In an interview with the Bombay Times, she had shared the details about the problems with her husband and had revealed, “It was not just s***** abuse, I went through financial and mental abuse, too. The atmosphere in the house was driving me crazy. He would accuse me of prostitution and having an affair with a co-actor. He would make surprise visits on the set of my show (Qubool Hai) and create a fuss when I had to hug or even hold hands with my co-actor on screen. Once, he threw a fit after I received an invite for the same co-actor’s housewarming party; he concluded that I was dating him." (Also Read: Ahil Sharma Celebrates His 4th Birthday With Baby Sister Ayat Sharma, Feeds Cake To Mamu Salman Khan)

Chahatt Khanna and Farhan Mirza

She had further shared, "Farhan would always keep an eye on me. He even followed me from one room to another. I was not allowed to take both my kids together outside the house, as he knew that I would leave him. It was solitary confinement of sorts. In fact, he even accused me of dating his own brother. During both my pregnancies, he would ask me if the babies were his. A day before and four days after the delivery of my second baby, he dragged me out of the house and asked me to leave. He also used to manhandle me during fights." (Don't Miss: Kanika Kapoor Is Missing Her Kids And Family After Being Tested Positive Fourth Time For Coronavirus)

Well, Chahatt is definitely a super mommy! What do you think?

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