Can Astrology Save Your Marriage?


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Can Astrology Save Your Marriage?

The rate at which marriages are falling apart these days is appalling, with couples finding faults with each other and in some cases blaming their stars as well. Going through rough phases like this one, one tends to start blaming and hoping if things could be turned around with a magical wand. But is it so simple astrologically to save a marriage, despite the attempts of couples to resolve their issues? When talking and marital counseling has not worked, will astrology save your marriage and stop divorce? At such times, most couples certainly wish to knock all the doors before they find all of them closed forever.

In India, most families depend on astrology consultations and the corrective measures to get them through rough times. Since divorce can be quite a traumatic event in anyone’s life, most people seek astrological and divine interference to save their marriage. It’s beyond breaking down of the relationship, it also signals the falling apart of an entire family. So, if you think that your marriage is taking a downhill road and a divorce is just a signature away then it might help to consult an astrologer and find out if your stars are influencing your behavior in anyway. Apart from that, it’s also important for you to wear that positive attitude and try looking for a solution. After all, the very fact that you are looking for ways to stop a divorce means that there is still some hope left.

Astrologers Speak

Astrologers believe that even the best marriage horoscopes can lead to separation or divorce. They believe that just like ups and downs in lifecycle, marriages, too, are no exception and undergo a number of tidal changes. Marriage horoscopes are reflections of the planetary positions at certain times. They are also the basis on which the marriage is based and determines how the relationship between the couple will unfold over time.

Getting Right Advice At The Right Time

There is no harm in taking right advice from friends and family, as these are the people who know the two of you well and have seen you putting your best foot forward in times of crisis. Remember they are the people who can show you a mirror just when you need it. You can consult an astrologer also. However, don’t get carried away and believe everything they say. If the astrologer is no good, he might take advantage of the situation you are in and try to convince you to perform various rites and shell out a huge amount to save your marriage.

Face The Reality

However bad it may sound or look, there is definitely no denying reality. The couple if not in an abusive relationship must understand that they both had something common that clicked may be at one time and it’s now for you to give it another chance before you call it quits! 



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