7 Awesome Tips To Have A Budget-Friendly Destination Wedding


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7 Awesome Tips To Have A Budget-Friendly Destination Wedding

Be it beach, garden, fort or temple, destination wedding is the dream wedding for most of the couples. Getting married in a non-conventional setting is a beautiful feeling in itself. But, it is not easy to plan a destination wedding, and it costs a lot as well. However, using small hacks while planning for a destination wedding can help save money spent on it. 

Here are some awesome tips to help you save some money while planning for destination wedding.  

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#1. Select the venue carefully

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Decide a venue which is near to you and your partner’s place, so that you can save transport costs. Also, check if there is any additional cost besides the rent, which you need to pay. Do not invest a lot of money on the venue. Also, check if you can cut down on certain things that are offered but not required, to save some money.

#2. Early bird offers

Try to fix a venue, which is off season for the place. This will help you save money, as the prices go down during the off season. Check with the place owner for different discounts or deals. Try to do your booking as early as possible, if you plan to go to a certain place during the peak season. This will give you some discount on the venue price, which otherwise increases a few days prior to the peak season. 

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#3. Travel on budget

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For a destination wedding, you need to arrange transport for the guests as well. Instead of booking flights, you can check for train bookings, or a road trip in a common bus for the guests. If you are planning train or road trip for the guests, and the travel time is more, then arrange for some fun activities, so that they enjoy the travel. 

#4. Cut the guest list

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When you plan your wedding outside your hometown, you need to plan the travel, stay and food facilities for your guests as well. If you cut down the guest list to only close family and friends, you will have to plan for less people, which will not only cut the cost, but will also be convenient. You can also opt for live streaming of your wedding for the guests who cannot come. 

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#5. Share the rooms

Choose one or two big rooms where all your guests can stay together during your wedding. You can also choose different big rooms for all the guests, and a group of four to five guests can stay together in there. Do not opt for tents, as they will cost a lot. Also, check with the vendor if he can offer any discounts on stay options for the guests, as this will save your money as well. 

#6. Choose natural wedding decor

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Always choose a natural wedding decor, when it comes to destination wedding. The beauty of the beach, fort or the garden cannot be replaced by any lights or flowers. So, do not waste your money investing in expensive wedding decor.

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#7. Serve local food and drinks

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The best part of the wedding is the food. If it is a destination wedding, then allow your guests to savour the local food, instead of opting for the food items that the local people might not cook properly. Also, you do not have to pay additional costs for the cook, as the vendor can arrange a local cook for you at a cheaper rate. Also, check for local drinks, than investing in international champagne or wines. This will also offer a different experience to the guests and lessen your wedding cost.

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Now, go ahead and plan an enjoyable destination wedding at a low cost.

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