15 Brilliant And Fun Ways Indian Couples Can Use Signboards At Their Wedding


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15 Brilliant And Fun Ways Indian Couples Can Use Signboards At Their Wedding

Wedding decor says a lot about the personality of a couple. You spend a lot of time and money coming up with unique ideas to make everything much more special. So, let the decor do the talking. Use some creative signboards that will show off your style!

Here are some great ideas you can use at your own wedding!

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#1. Choose a seat and not a side

Image Courtesy: Etsy (Left), Pinterest (Right)

In Indian weddings, guests are stuck up with the concept of choosing sides. And we will not deny, it often tends to get ugly. Weddings are to celebrate love and coming together of two families, so use these intelligent signboards to convey your message to the guests. After all, it does not matter whether they are from the groom’s side or the bride’s, it is the wedding bringing them together.

P.S.: This will put your common friends at ease.

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#2. Filmy ishtyle

Image Courtesy: Bollywood Posters Studio

What is an Indian wedding without some Bollywood ishtyle to go with it? Tell your guests how irrevocably you are in love with each other, the filmy way. Have a filmy style photo shoot and paint the walls keeping that theme in mind. Do a pre-wedding shoot in that theme as well and use these photos in your signboards.

#3. Write your story

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

They say, 'you write your own love story'. Let us take it a little literally! Have signboards all over the venue that tell your love story. Your first meeting, how the proposal was made, romantic encounters, everything. And, if it is an arranged marriage, even better.

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#4. Thank your guests

Image Courtesy: Etsy (Left), Pinterest (Right)

Tell your guests that you are grateful to them for having joined you on the most important day of your life. Since it is your day, you will get to feel special at every moment. This signboards will make your guests feel special too.

#5. Photo booth

Image Courtesy: Amour Affairs (Left), Cookie Boolani Wedding (Inset)

Go for a giant photo frame with the name of the couple or the wedding date written on it or some fun props. Your guests can come and get clicked here. It will make a great souvenir as well as always remind them of your wedding.

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#6. Witty cards

Image Courtesy: Robin Saini Photography

If you are a friend or a relative, this idea is for you. You can make a very witty card or a sweet one to express how you feel about the couple. This will always be remembered by them.

#7. Food menu

Image Courtesy: Pinterest (Left), Wanelo (Right)

A lavish buffet is one of the highlights of the wedding, so why not actually highlight it? You can have big chalkboards to write your wedding menu on them. Just like the restaurants do, you can write about the special items as well.

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#8. Wedding tags

Image Courtesy: De Lovely Affair

Since, you are just starting on a new path of your life, ask your relatives for some tips. We all take blessings from our elders on the D-day, right? Just take this a step further and ask them to pen some advice down for you. If not advice, let them leave some wishes for you.

#9. Let them know where to go

Image Courtesy: Shahid Kapoor-Mira Rajput Wedding (Right)

Multiple events happen at the same time in a wedding. Give your guests a clue about where to go. Let them know where the ceremony is happening or where the buffet is, or where the dance floor is. It will be really helpful and fun too!

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#10. Chair signs

Once the ceremony is done, get comfortable in your seats having your titles on them. This is a very romantic thing to do. You can write 'bride and groom', 'Mr. and Mrs.', 'his and hers' or anything that says that now, you officially belong to each other.

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#11. Express your joy

Image Courtesy: Andrea And Peter (Left), Love Story Pictures (Inset)

You are getting married. You do not do that every day. So, do not shy away from expressing your joy to the world. They all know that you are expecting your 'happily forever'. Just put a sign that says this out loud. Let them know that your story begins from here.

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#12. Arrive in style

Image Courtesy: Baltazar Photography, Pinterest (Inset)

The kings and queens used to have an announcement made before their arrival. Trust us, you are no less than them on your wedding day. It would be a bit awkward to hire a marching band for that, but asking the tiny tots to do it for you is simply adorable.

#13. Buzz of the booze

Image Courtesy: Etsy (Left), Pinterest (Right)

Weddings, dance, and booze are the partners in crime. Invite your guests for a drink in an extraordinary style by putting some out-of-the-box signboards. And, if they get a little too high, let them know that they will be dropped off safely.

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#14. Include your pets

Image Courtesy: Etsy

If you are into pets, you would know how important they become for you. They have been a part of your life, and they deserve to be included in your celebrations. You will be surprised to see how cool sign bearers they can make.

#15. Use social media platforms

Image Courtesy: Etsy (Left), Alison Conklin Photography (Right)

This is an age of social media, so why not take advantage of it to declare to the whole world that you are getting married? Create some unusual tags and ask your friends and family to use them for the wedding pictures. There is another benefit to this. You will be able to get all the random photographs of your wedding.

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These were just some ideas for you. Signboards are supposed to be very personal, so do not hesitate in being creative. And, have a wedding to remember!



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