Boney Kapoor Could Not Hold Back His Tears After Seeing Tina Ambani's Gift In Sridevi's Memory


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Boney Kapoor Could Not Hold Back His Tears After Seeing Tina Ambani's Gift In Sridevi's Memory

The best way to get over the sadness of losing someone special is to move on with their happy memories in your heart. Well, right now, everyone who was close to Sridevi is coping up with the sadness of her untimely demise. Not only her family but also her close friends are trying to accept the fact that Sridevi is no more. Sridevi passed away on February 24, 2018 after accidentally drowning in her hotel room’s bathtub, leaving Boney, Janhvi and Khushi in deep grief.

Her close friends like Manish Malhotra, Karan Johar, and Tina Ambani are staying strong and trying to come to terms with the reality. In the fond memory of his late friend, Manish Malhotra has decided to archive all the favourite outfits of Sridevi designed by him and gift them to her daughters, Janhvi and Khushi. On the other hand, Karan Johar has decided to shelf the film that he was planning to make with Sridevi in the lead as she was irreplaceable. Though all her friends are doing something or the other, in her fond memory, but what her close friend Tina Ambani did for Sridevi, left Boney Kapoor teary-eyed. (Don't Miss: Janhvi Kapoor Is The Spitting Image Of Her Mom Sridevi Kapoor, These Pictures Are The Proof)

Sridevi at Tina Ambani's Birthday

According to the sources, Tina Ambani gifted a beautiful silver photo frame with Sridevi’s candid pictures from Tina’s 61st birthday bash (the last party Sridevi attended in Mumbai before her untimely demise). The source revealed, “Tina has gifted a gorgeous silver frame of Sridevi’s candid picture that was clicked during her 61st birthday bash. Who knew it would turn out to become Sridevi’s last get together in Mumbai. Boney was really touched when he saw the picture. He couldn’t hold back his tears and thanked Tina for bringing back some sweet memories.” It was a priceless gift for Boney, who was head over heels in love with his late wife, Sridevi.

Sridevi and Boney Kapoor

Sridevi was a social person and had many friends in the industry. Here are some pictures of Sridevi enjoying with friends, at Tina Ambani’s birthday party on February 11, just two weeks before her death. Take a look at how gorgeous Sridevi was looking in a red vintage jumpsuit, designed by Falguni and Shane Peacock. (Also Read: Sridevi In A Throwback Interview: It Would Give Me A Greater Joy To See Janhvi Married)

Sridevi at Tina Ambani's Birthday

Sridevi at Tina Ambani's Birthday

Tina Ambani's Birthday

Sridevi’s untimely demise has left everyone wondering that how fragile life is and we need to hold our closed ones near us and enjoy each day, without any regrets. She has left a void that can never get filled. This reminds us of Janhvi’s heartfelt note, explaining what Sridevi meant to Boney, Khushi and her. In her emotional note, she wrote, “Me and Khushi have lost our mother but papa has lost his “Jaan”. She was so much more than just an actor or a mother or a wife. She was the ultimate and the best in all these roles. It mattered a great deal to her to give love and to get love. For people to be good and gracious and kind. She didn’t understand frustration or malice or jealousy. So let’s be that. Let’s be full of only good and give only love.”

Sridevi, Boney Kapoor, Janhvi and Khushi

Boney also wrote a heart-wrenching note in the memory of his late wife, saying, “To the world, she was their Chandni… the actor par excellence… their Sridevi… but to me, she was my love, my friend, mother to our girls… my partner. To our daughters, she was their everything… their life. She was the axis around which our family ran.”

Much strength and love to Boney, Janhvi, Khushi and the entire Kapoor family who are finding it difficult to move on after her death! She was a diva who will always be remembered for her talent, charm, and smile!

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