Vidya Balan Says She Never Wanted To Get Married, Recalls How She Realised Siddharth Was The 'One'

Vidya Balan recently, in an interview, revealed that she never wanted to marry in her life, but Siddharth Roy Kapur changed everything. She even talked about their immature fights.


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Vidya Balan Says She Never Wanted To Get Married, Recalls How She Realised Siddharth Was The 'One'

Vidya Balan is one of the prominent faces in the Hindi film industry, who is popularly known for her versatility. She appeared on several television shows before debuting In Bollywood with the 2005 film, Parineeta. On April 19, 2024, Vidya’s film, Do Aur Do Pyaar, was released on the silver screen and has received positive reviews from critics and audiences. While she was promoting her now-released film, the actress opened up about meeting her husband, Siddharth Roy Kapur.

Vidya Balan reveals she never wanted to get married

Vidya spoke at length about her personal and professional life during a conversation on Raj Shamani’s podcast, Figuring Out. At the beginning of the episode, the two talked about romance and the actress shared that she has been a romantic since her childhood. Vidya also revealed that she never wanted to get married in her life, but Siddharth changed her mind. When the host asked the reason behind such thinking, the actress said:

“I have never seen myself as someone who would get married. When I met Siddharth and we started seeing each other that felt like the natural next step, and we got married. I am so glad that we did.”

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The actress recalled that while growing up, she did not have the maturity to understand the institution of marriage. Vidya mentioned that she always thought marriage meant that the woman would have to give up on her freedom and will. Hence, the actress was always adamant that she wouldn’t get married in the future. However, destiny had other plans and while she was pursuing what she always wanted to, Vidya met the love of her life, Siddharth Roy Kapur.

Vidya Balan talks about an immature fight she had with her husband, Siddharth Roy Kapur

In the same interaction, the host asked Vidya if she had ever fought with her husband and even requested her to reveal her immature fights. The actress shared that previously she had a stupid fight with Siddharth, and she was the one who picked it up first. Revealing more details about the same, Vidya added:

“Once we had a stupid fight. Okay, I picked the fight. He took a picture of the sunset and he didn’t take my picture. So, he’s someone who doesn’t take pictures at all but he chose to take a picture of the sunset, so, I said, ‘What are you telling me that you have never felt the urge to take my picture but you are taking a picture of the goddamn sunset.’ I must have been needy and clingy that day, but he said that the sunset is beautiful and that triggered me even more and I said, ‘What do you mean? That’s one of the stupid fights we had.”

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Vidya Balan recalls the exact moment when she knew she had found her ‘one’

During the course of their conversation, Vidya and Raj talked about various aspects of a relationship including individual physical space, giving time to one another and cheating as well. Moreover, towards the end of the interaction, the host asked Vidya about the exact moment when she knew that Siddharth was the ‘one’ in her life. Sharing an anecdote, Vidya revealed:

“It was raining cats and dogs one night, I had just come back from out of town, Siddharth had come to pick me up at the airport and we drove away from the airport and I kept telling him that I could really do and no coffee shop was open at that point. No, but there’s one hotel at the airport that’s still open at 3 in the morning, we went to Balaji and Balaji was shutting but he walked in the rain, we didn’t have an umbrella, went and picked up the cup of coffee, as he was waking away from me I said I’m home, I just don’t know why I felt that.”

Check out the full interview here.

What are your thoughts on Vidya Balan’s revelations about meeting with her now-husband, Siddharth Roy Kapur?

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