Ranveer Singh Shares His Fitness Secrets And Also Reveals The Inspiration Behind His Fit Body


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Ranveer Singh Shares His Fitness Secrets And Also Reveals The Inspiration Behind His Fit Body

Bollywood heart-throb Ranveer Singh makes every woman swoon, doesn’t he? With his scorching gaze and infectious energy, it’s hard not to fall in love with this talented guy. Apart from being a wonderful actor, Ranveer Singh is also super handsome. What’s more, he has a body that is to-die-for! It’s not just girls who go gaga over his muscular form; the men, too, yearn for a body like that!

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Ranveer Singh Fitness Routine

Whenever you watch Ranveer on screen, you can always see how lively he is. He can be seen jumping, fooling around with his colleagues and TV anchors and having a great time in general. To do all of that with a big smile on your face, it’s extremely important to stay fit. In fact, Ranveer went through a killer workout routine to get all toned up for his films, Padmavati, Bajirao Mastani and Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela. And it's not just about films, even in daily life, he makes sure he is all fit and healthy. Well, one look at Ranveer Singh is all it takes to know that he works hard to stay fit and muscular, even today.

Well, with the help of this article, you will finally know what it is that this golden boy of Bollywood does, to stay this hunky! Here’s revealing Ranveer Singh’s fitness secrets.

#1. Ranveer's inspiration

Image: Indian Express

Image Courtesy: Indian Express

In an interview with a leading daily, Ranveer Singh admitted that his inspiration was always Hrithik Roshan. Having a role model inspired Ranveer to start on his journey into becoming the rough and tough man that he is today. So, ensure that you have a role model whom you can use an inspiration.

#2. His strict diet



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Ranveer prefers to eat home-cooked meals. Eating junk food does not really go down well with him. He likes simple meals that are prepared without too much of a mess or fuss. Eating the right kind of food is one of the first steps towards staying fit. As for Padmavati, when Vogue contacted Ranveer's trainer,  Mustafa Ahmed, and asked him about his diet and meals, he added:

"I create a diet for an individual based on their routine, but basically one day in every week I forcefully tell them to cheat. For Ranveer, the first thing I told him was to cut off any kind of sugar from his diet. That was our golden rule. Six months during Padmavati and even before, he was off sugar. I gave him two cheat meals in a week with the option of having these two meals anytime in the week. He would prefer having both of them in the same day so he could have a complete cheat day. During his cheat meals he could have sugar, junk food and almost anything he wanted."

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#3. Works-out everyday

Ranveer Singh Fitness Routine

Ranveer does not believe in skipping his workout sessions, come what may. He believes that you must work out and train every day, without slacking. This will help your body get used to your routine so that you can begin a full-fledged workout. Ranveer believes in high-intensity training. His daily workout includes 2 sessions of one and half hour each.

Ranveer Singh Fitness Routine

In fact, Mustafa Ahmed, when asked about the kind of workouts Ranveer Singh did for his role of Alauddin Khilji in Padmavati, he said:

"We focused a lot on movement patterns, mobility drills that involved strength training and conditioning workouts like high-intensity interval training (HIIT) with push-ups, burpees, power moves like deadlifts, squats. These were focused on improving Singh’s overall flexibility too."

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#4. Just gymming is not sufficient

Ranveer Singh Fitness Routine

Image Courtesy: Dil Dhadakne Do

Ranveer doesn’t go for mere gymming. He firmly believes that running, swimming, cycling and/or playing a sport are equally important. It is crucial not to confine oneself to the gym. Participating in other activities is equally important in order to stay healthy and fit.

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#5. Warm-ups are important

Ranveer Singh Fitness Routine

Ranveer always ensures that he does about ten minutes of warming up, before beginning his workout session. It is important for the body to get used to what you are about to put it through. So, warming up is the key to a beneficial workout session.

Ranveer Singh Fitness Routine

For his Padmavati role, Ranveer worked really hard. Mustafa adds:

"He trained twice a day for six days a week while training for Padmavati. In the mornings, we would usually do a cardio session followed by a mobility drill of 20-25 minutes. The morning workout would be only for 40-45 minutes as he’d be short on time. The evening session would be more extensive—an hour or hour and a half of weight training and heavy lifting. Once a week I would advise him to take the day off. If he really wanted to work out, I recommended a swim."

#6. Avoids alcohol

GIF via Tumblr

When he was training to get into shape for Ram-Leela, Ranveer said that the fact that he doesn’t drink has helped him immensely. Alcohol tends to make your immune system weak and it cuts down on the effects of any workout you might have done prior to drinking.

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#7. Eats every 3 hours

Ranveer says that in order to stay fit and to keep up a successful diet, you must eat something every three hours. He believes in eating food on time. He snacks on nuts and fruits often and makes sure he never goes without food for more than three hours.

#8. Consumes protein-rich food

Ranveer Singh Fitness Routine

Ranveer’s diet consists of foods that are rich in protein and low in carbs. This is what he generally eats on a daily basis:

  • Breakfast: An egg white omelette and a banana
  • Light snacks: Dried fruits (almonds/walnuts) and a protein shake
  • Lunch/dinner: Fish or chicken, both rich in proteins

TIP: Ranveer sticks to a low-salt and low-oil diet.

Ranveer Singh working out

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So guys, there you go! This was Ranveer Singh's fitness routine. With these helpful points, you too can work hard to get a body like Ranveer Singh! So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get fit.

Images and GIFs Courtesy: Instagram and Tumblr
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