Birthstone Gift Ideas For Brides According To Their Birthday Month


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Birthstone Gift Ideas For Brides According To Their Birthday Month

Confused as to which gift would be the best for a bride on her most important day? There are plenty of thoughtful and beautiful gifting items available today. If you wish to make her feel extremely special and loved on her momentous day, then maybe you can consider gifting her a gemstone based on her birth month.

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Gemstones are valuable pieces of jewellery known not only for their beauty and rarity, but they also carry cosmological powers and hence, they can have positive effects. There are also hidden meanings attached to gemstones and hence it would be great if you could learn about the stone that perfectly matches the birth month of the bride, whom you would present it as a gift, and also the significance attached to the birthstone.

#1. January  

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If the bride has her birthday in January then it would be the best to gift her ring, pendant or a jewellery set made with the bright-coloured stone – Garnet. The stone is considered to be the stone of courage, devotion, faith, love and passion. Hence, gifting Garnet jewellery to a bride, who has this as her birthstone, might help her show devotion to her new family and meet all the expectations.

This ancient gemstone is also believed to help stimulate the senses, bring back lost vigour into life and boost the stamina. You can choose from a wide collection of garnets available online to give a perfect gift for brides born during January. Moreover, garnet has the power to prevent nightmares and snakebites. A bride receiving this stone as gift can expect to be provided with a clear guidance even during tough times.  

#2. February 

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Bride who has February as their birth month can be gifted jewellery crafted with purple amethyst. This gemstone signifies peace, temperance, serenity and royalty. Wearer of jewellery items such as rings, bracelets, earrings and complete jewellery sets made with this beautiful gemstone would be guarded against the evil effects cast by drunkenness.

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#3. March 

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Aquamarine gemstone is the birth stone for those born in the month of March. If you have to shop for the bride having this gem as her birthstone, then you can look for jewellery items made with this beautiful form of crystals. It has strong metaphysical properties that can raise the happiness levels. Courage, love, and hope are its main attributes. Brides receiving jewellery with this crystal studded in it can expect their communication to become more lucid and clear, health to improve and psychic aids to become strong while wearing it.  

#4. April  

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We all know that diamonds are a girl’s best friend and gifting one to the bride who has this stone as her birth month would only double her happiness. Diamonds are a fitting gemstone for all those born in April, signifying the beginning of a new phase in life just like spring time. It stands for eternal love, affection, strength and everlasting passion. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most beautiful, desired and shining gemstones that also possesses the power to establish balance and bring about abundant joy. Wearers of this stone can prevent insanity from creeping into their lives and can strike a perfect balance in their marital lives with the help of this gemstone. 

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#5. May 

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May-born brides can have the best gift in the form of pendants, rings and bracelets crafted with the beautiful green emeralds, which is also their birthstone. The stone stands for loyalty, wisdom, patience, amity, prosperity and faithfulness. Bride can scale up their capabilities and boost their intuition to work in their favour by receiving and wearing gifts made of this precious gemstone. It is also known to balance energies, enhance happiness, give foresight and increase fertility. 

#6. June 

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Milk-coloured, peace and purity signifying gemstone pearl are the right choice of gifts for those having June as their birth month. Shop for pearly earrings, stylish pendants, necklace or even rings with pearls studded in it when you wish to gift a June-born bride. The chastity, modesty, purity and peace connoted by this gemstone would work further to ward off evils and bring more happiness in the bride’s life. 

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#7. July 

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Shop for jewellery made of red rubies if the bride has July as her birth month. It is considered to be the most valuable of all stones and the value increases based on its quality and colour. This king of gemstones can bring about good fortune on its wearer and also have healing effects on the body and mind. Peace, passion, strength, love, nobility of character and harmony are some of the key attributes of this gemstone. Jewellery crafted with precious red rubies can win many good friends, boost confidence, increase vitality and ignite love and passion. 

#8. August 

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August-born brides can have jewellery designed with light green peridot as the most fitting gift ever. August birthstone has an amazing sparkle and stands for peace, serenity, eternal strength, good fortune and happiness. The lime coloured, radiant gemstone can bring about growth and pave way for stronger connections. It is believed to bestow prosperity, progress and love in bride's life. Evils, nightmares and depression can be warded off with the help of this gemstone. 

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#9. September 

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Sapphires are the right gift for any bride having September as her birth month. Look out for beautiful rings, necklace, pendants and wedding bands made of magnificent blue sapphire. This gemstone has been associated with metaphysical properties that bring constancy, sincerity and peace in life. It is also believed to have powers that can banish all evil and increase the positive effects of the planet Venus. Dignity, loyalty, wisdom and faith are some of the powerful attributes for which this gemstone stands. 

#10. October 

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Look no farther than Opals and tourmaline for jewellery gift items to be presented to brides born in the month of October. When shopping for jewellery art pieces fashioned with this gemstone, you would be surprised to see a radiant spectrum of colours and varieties in which they are available these days. The stone signifies hope, purity, faith and innocence. Make the bride feel really special when you gift this prized stone as it is also one of the highly unique stones known for its varied colour combinations and crustal structures. Wearers of this stone is expected to experience calmness and serenity. They feel free from evil effects of aggressiveness, jealousy and anger. 

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#11. November 

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Yellow topaz and citrine are the two birthstones for those born in the month of November. These stones signify passion, determination, loyalty, healing, strength and creativity. Owing to the radiant spectrum of colours, these stones are found in several amulets and jewellery forms. Wearers of this stone are bestowed with good mental and physical health. These stones will help in balancing contrary thoughts and creating a peaceful and prosperous life.  

#12. December 

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December-born individuals have not one but three gems - turquoise, blue topaz and tanzanite as their birth stones. However, one common thing between all the three birthstone is their colour –blue which is most suitable for December born people. Each of these stones carries strong metaphysical properties, and they are used in making wide variety of jewellery items because of their sparkle, attractiveness and multiple benefits.  Wearing these birth stones can guarantee a happy life and relieve the wearer of the negativity and danger.  

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Gemstones are more than valuable pieces of stones, but they can have amazing positive effects if one chooses it as per their birth month. Each month is associated with a particular stone and there are different implications and benefits attached to all the birthstones.  

So, select the perfect jewellery crafted beautifully in the pristine birth stone of the bride to help her gain from its fabled benefits, and see her life flourish in the years ahead.  

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