Bigg Boss 14: Sonali Phogat Proposes Aly Goni, His GF, Jasmin Bhasin Says, 'We Treat Her Like A Mom'

Bigg Boss 14's wild card entrant, Sonali Phogat confessed her feelings for Aly Goni and his girlfriend, Jasmin Bhasin reacted to it in the most surprising manner ever. Find out!


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Bigg Boss 14: Sonali Phogat Proposes Aly Goni, His GF, Jasmin Bhasin Says, 'We Treat Her Like A Mom'

Popular television actor, Aly Goni and his girlfriend, Jasmin Bhasin are in love with each other, and their chemistry inside Bigg Boss 14’s house is simply the highlight of this season. The couple had made this season one of the most entertaining and exciting ones in recent years, because of their adorable conversations, little fights, cute arguments, and incredible support for one another on the show. However, Jasmin’s elimination from the house had hit Aly so hard that he had an asthma attack during her departure from the house. (Recommended Read: Amitabh Bachchan Recalls When Son, Abhishek Bachchan Gave His First Autograph, Shares A Picture)

It was quite clear and evident that they’re much more special than just being good friends and after she had departed from the house, the actress had revealed that she and Aly are soon going to get married. In an interview with The Times Of India, Jasmin had stated that once the show ends, her and Aly’s parents will meet and talk about their marriage.

Jasmin Bhasin and Aly Goni

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 14, we saw the wild card entrant, Sonali Phogat confessing her feelings to Aly Goni during her sweet conversation with the television actor in the dining area. In the video, Sonali asked Aly whether it’s a little childish of her to reveal that she holds some special feelings for him. On which, Aly told her that, “Aapne jo mujhe bola, mujhe bahut acha laga, Usme koi problem ni hai. Aapne bola mujhe acha feel hua. Toh esme koi buri baat ni hai.” After which, Sonali said to Aly that she wants to talk to him in private as she cannot talk with him in front of everyone, as her feelings have changed for him. After hearing this, Aly indirectly advised her to remain like friends, but Sonali insisted that things have changed and now she has feelings for him, as it’s completely natural and not in her hands. Hearing all these things, Aly has started laughing and blushing with his head down. Take a look:

In an interview with Navbharat Times Online, when Aly Goni’s girlfriend, Jasmin Bhasin was asked about her feelings seeing Sonali Phogat confessing her feelings to her boyfriend. The popular television actress clearly stated that it’s completely normal for her to see someone else confessing their love and feelings for a guy like Aly, as she compliments her boyfriend’s charm and beautiful eyes. She said, “Aly ki aakhein he esi hai ki jo bhi unme dekhta hai, unme doob jata hai. Mujhe lagta hai ki ye bahut he cute hai ki unhone Aly ko propose kia. Jo Sonali ne feel kia vohi express kia.” Jasmin also added in her statement that no one can hold their feelings and emotions, which is why there’s nothing wrong and bad about it. (Don’t Miss: Raj Kundra Wishes To Have Married A Village Girl, Turns His Wife Shilpa Shetty Into A 'Gaon Ki Gori')

Going further in her interview, when Jasmin Bhasin was asked whether she feels jealous or insecure knowing the fact that Sonali Phogat is now inside Bigg Boss 14’s house with her boyfriend, Aly Goni. Jasmin revealed that she’s not insecure and both she and her beau, Aly, have treated her like a mother. She said, “Hum Sonali ji ko maa ki tarah treat karte the, toh phir jalan kaha se hogi? 100 log hume pasand karte hai par mujhe toh pata hai ki Aly ke dil mai kaun hai.” At the end of her statement, Jasmin once again praised Sonali and heaped praises on her for confessing her feelings and spreading love on the show. (Also Read: Late Actor, Sushant Singh Rajput's Sister, Shweta Singh Kirti Shares His Handwritten Poem About Life)


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