BB 14's Sonali Phogat Still Trolled With Aly Goni's Name, Shares Jasmin Bhasin Understands Her

Sonali Phogat opened up on being trolled by Aly Goni's name even after three months of wrap of the show, 'Bigg Boss 14'. She also shared that Jasmin Bhasin understands her feelings for Aly!


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BB 14's Sonali Phogat Still Trolled With Aly Goni's Name, Shares Jasmin Bhasin Understands Her

It was during Bigg Boss 14 that we had seen many love relationships building up and one of them was politician, Sonali Phogat developing feelings for actor and co-contestant, Aly Goni. After Jasmin Bhasin’s exit for the show, we had seen Sonali confessing her feelings to Aly Goni during their conversation in the dining area. Sonali had asked Aly whether it’s childish of her to reveal that she holds special feelings for him.

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After Sonali’s confession, Aly had told her, “Aapne jo mujhe bola, mujhe bahut acha laga, Usme koi problem ni hai. Aapne bola mujhe acha feel hua. Toh esme koi buri baat ni hai.” After this, Sonali had shared that she wanted to talk with Aly about this in private, and Aly had indirectly advised her to remain friends. Sonali had insisted that she had started feeling for him and it is completely natural and not in her hands.

Bigg Boss 14 Aly Sonali

Well, Sonali’s love declaration for Aly had raised many eyebrows and people had started calling it her game strategy. Now, it’s been more than three months and Sonali is still being trolled by Aly’s name. In a conversation with ETimes, she shared, “But when I shared my feelings about Aly Goni, people started trolling me. They made fun of me, passed remarks and questioned my thinking. I was shocked that we are in the 21st century. My feelings were pure, I didn’t have any malice in my heart.”

Sonali Phogat Aly Goni

Sonali also shared that whenever she posts something on her IG handle, people simply write Aly’s name in the comments section to troll her. She added, “Whenever I post a picture or video on Instagram they will write Aly Goni in the comments. They don’t write anything else, just his name.” She also praised Aly’s girlfriend, Jasmin Bhasin for handling the situation maturely and understanding her feelings. She added, “She understood my feelings for Aly Goni and never made things awkward for me.”

Sonali Phogat Jasmin Bhasin

Earlier in an interview with Navbharat Times Online, Jasmin Bhasin was asked about her reaction to Sonali Phogat expressing her love for her boyfriend, Aly Goni. Jasmin had complimented her beau’s eyes for doing magic on everyone around and had stated that it was cute that Sonali had proposed to Aly and had expressed her feelings for him.

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Jasmin Bhasin and Aly Goni

When Jasmin was asked if she felt jealous or insecure of the fact that her beau, Aly was inside the Bigg Boss 14’s house with Sonali, while she was out, she had shared that she was not at all insecure. She had further added that both she and Aly have treated Sonali like a mother. She had also added that many people like Aly but she knows who is there in his heart.

aly Goni JAsmin Bhasin

After her eviction from BB house, Sonali Phogat had shared her daughter and family’s reaction to her feelings for Aly Goni in a conversation with ETimes. She had shared that her daughter or any other family members were not upset or unhappy about anything as they had not found it wrong to like someone.

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Sonali Phogat daughter

Well, Jasmin Bhasin has indeed acted maturely in the case of Sonali Phogat’s feelings for Aly Goni!

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