Bigg Boss 14: Kavita Kaushik's Husband Talks About Aly Goni's Threatening Behaviour Towards His Wife

'Bigg Boss 14' contestant, Kavita Kaushik's husband, Ronnit Biswas revealed his reaction after seeing his wife getting threatened by Aly Goni during a fight. Find out!


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Bigg Boss 14: Kavita Kaushik's Husband Talks About Aly Goni's Threatening Behaviour Towards His Wife

One of the most controversial, yet a TRP-breaker show, Bigg Boss is once again back with its fourteenth season. While Bigg Boss 13 was a huge success, the stakes weren't high during the initial phase of the ongoing Bigg Boss 14 because there was not enough masala and entertainment in the show from the side of contestants. However, things have changed now as every day we are witnessing some war of words, intense fights, and controversial statements from contestants about each other. (Recommended Read: Pregger Anushka Sharma Gets An Intricate Jewelry Gift From Sabyasachi With Her And Virat's Initials)

The intense clash between Kavita Kaushik and Aly Goni had broken a lot of headlines because of the way indirect physical violence had happened from the side of Aly. Now, Kavita's husband, Ronnit Biswas has reacted to Aly's threatening behaviour towards his wife. Scroll down to know it!

In the recent episode of Bigg Boss 14, we saw Kavita Kaushik and Aly Goni getting involved in an intense war of words over some issues and, it was Aly, who had gone a bit far as he had gotten a little bit violent at the end of their fight. After the show had gone on-air, Kavita's husband, Ronnit Biswas had watched it and has now shared his reaction with ETimes. The doting hubby revealed that he was extremely hurt by Aly's violent behaviour. He said, "I was very hurt, and I also cried because this is not what we had signed up for. Physical violence was never a thing which we had signed up for whether it happened directly or indirectly, it doesn't matter."

Going further in his interview, Ronnit Biswas has revealed that he hopes Bigg Boss gives a strong punishment to Aly Goni for his behaviour with his wife, Kavita Kaushik. As indirect physical violence was never a part of their signed contract, he added, "If someone has got hurt or I have hurt someone I would go and apologise to that person, and I would forget my anger at that moment. I felt really bad and pathetic because a man is doing this, I am a man myself, and I can't put it in words. This was something which we had not signed up for. I expected a better action or punishment from Bigg Boss."

For the uninitiated, the war of words had kick-started when Kavita Kaushik had decided to submit some personal things of Aly Goni to Bigg Boss, as she had felt that Aly had stolen something from a locked locker. While she was placing the things in a dustbin for Bigg Boss to collect, Aly had seen her and had picked his things and had gone inside the house. After which, a clash of words had started between them, and then Kavita had said, "Main teri baap hu" which had triggered Aly to a level that he had gone violent and had also abused Kavita. Take a look:

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