8 Best Home Decor Secrets To Make Your Small Room Look Bigger And Beautiful


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8 Best Home Decor Secrets To Make Your Small Room Look Bigger And Beautiful

Not everyone lives in a plush, huge home, where they can fit each and everything you want, just as they want, especially when it comes to home décor and makeover ideas. Most metropolitan cities are filled with smaller living spaces, in which many modern couples make their small, personal world.

Well, we are here to help you to make your smaller space look bigger and brighter with our ideas. These ideas are are practical, without you breaking a sweat or your budget.

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#1. Highlight the room

A small space should never be decorated with small furniture pieces, as that would just make it look cramped. The trick lies in creating an airier and larger space by focussing one prominent item in the room. This could be anything, from a statement centre table to a curved armchair. Also, try and leave your windows uncovered in the daytime to allow the natural light. This adds more depth and illusion of space in the room.

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#2. Colour it up

Paint your rooms with light and earthy tones to make it appear bigger and spacious. Darker colours tend to make rooms look smaller and cluttered. Pastel shades, such as greens, blues and creams help to make a place look visually larger. Apart from this, use light colours throughout the room, from upholstery to carpets. Use the same colour family through the room to make it look bigger.

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#3. Raised on legs pieces

Here is an amazing trick for smaller rooms- opt for sofas, armchairs, centre tables and other furnishings, such as side tables, that are raised on legs. This creates an illusion of extra space and light in the room.

#4. Mirror the wall!

For a more stunning vintage effect, consider installing wall-to-wall mirrors, so that they reflect light strategically and the space looks bigger. If wall-to-wall looks unachievable, add some drama to your room with huge mirrors.

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#5. Play with the invisible

Make an invisible book storage shelves on the walls of your hallway. You can do this by marking the width of your books and keeping them neatly on iron brackets screwed on the wall. Top these with a light weight display item to add to the excitement.

#6. Foldable furniture

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Look for foldable furniture pieces that can be used and hidden as and when the need arises. From foldable tables and chairs to wardrobe and shoe rack, you can find some very vibrant and stylish pieces in the market. So, go for furniture that can be folded, stacked and wheeled away from their place.

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#7. Hunt for multipurpose

Consider using and investing in multifunctional furniture. Say, a centre table with pre-built storage space, or a coffee-table that can be doubled as an ottoman. Also, opting for beds and bookcases with covered compartments is an ideal way of hiding the everyday mess.

#8. Hide the door

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Try installing pocket doors to partition different areas of the home. Fix sliding doors to separate the room from the bathroom or the kitchen. This will not take much space, and will lend your room a bigger look.

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Apply the simple concept of de-cluttering your room as and when possible. Once or twice in a year, be gutsy enough to dispose the unwanted and used stuff that is not adding to the look or utility of the room. Always opt for long-lasting pieces that strike a perfect balance between storage and utility, and never get attached to the furniture.

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