6 Brilliantly Creative Ideas To Gift Jewellery To Your Partner


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6 Brilliantly Creative Ideas To Gift Jewellery To Your Partner

There is no season for love, and definitely no season to shower your loved one with gifts! When it comes to wooing their special one, jewellery has always been the first choice for most men. Professing love and gifting jewellery have been inseparable, since time immemorial.

Men have an eye for detail, when it comes to selecting the perfect jewellery. But, when it comes to gifting it to their loved one- they are crippled in the creativity segment. So, here we are helping you with some innovative and new ideas to gift jewellery to your love.

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#1. Explosion box

This one is sure to make your lady go all ‘awww’ over you. Yes! It does come in with some DIY and effort. But, most important is the love that you put into making this.

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Image Courtesy: Etsy

There are plenty of videos online that can help you in making an explosion box. Stick a lot of photos of you both and write your message all over the inside of the box. Keep the jewellery in a small box at the centre. This will be a gift she will keep for a lifetime! Psst… you can even pop the question through this box!

#2. Surprise with balloons

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Let her walk into a room full of helium balloons hanging from the ceiling. This in itself is going to be a surprise for her. Attach photos of both of your and some messages for her. She is going to love it! And lastly, attach the jewellery on the last balloon (with a note). She will love the surprise element and the thoughtfulness you have put in. A piece of advice, make sure you practice this indoors only, so that your balloons do not fly out in the open sky.

#3. Gift at work

Is it a working day? No problem, get the gift delivered to her office with a big bouquet of red roses and a handwritten note. The woman in your life would love the attention and compliments from her colleagues. She surely will make some other ladies jealous!

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#4. Hand-written note by thebedside

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This one will make her day for sure. Waking up to find a hand-written note from you with jewellery on it, would be the most romantic thing. She will ring you soon after and you will hear the happiness in her voice.

#5. Catch her off-guard

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Image Courtesy: Aunt Peaches (left), Pinterest (right)

Most women like their partners to be a bit spontaneous and unpredictable. This keeps the element of surprise and excitement alive in the relationship. Catch her off-guard and unexpected. Gift her jewellery, when she least expects it. Or maybe pack the jewellery in the most unexpected way– in a cupcake box, or in an empty walnut. This will be fun for both of you and the cause for a good laugh!

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#6. BONUS: Gift jewellery to your man!

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Image Courtesy: Etsy

So, far we have given the ideas to woo the ladies, but it is time for men to enjoy the same treatment. We all know that guys like their gifts the traditional way, but who says you cannot have fun with it? For instance, wine or scotch bottles wrapped in men's shirt sleeves and ties, or instead of one placing 3 gifts in a multi-holder would make you see the most curvy line on his face. Try innovative styles of packaging, which will surely make him swoon.

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We, hope you have got some pretty ideas up your sleeve now. So, go ahead and spoil the one you love with these amazing ideas. They will remember it for a very long time!



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