7 Benefits Of Aromatherapy Facials That Will Leave You Asking For More


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7 Benefits Of Aromatherapy Facials That Will Leave You Asking For More

The best foundation one can wear is glowing healthy skin, and a facial is the best way to get it. Every woman can spend hours at the beauty parlour, getting beauticians work on her skin. Who wants a dull or tired-looking skin? And, when it is about your skin, how can you forget aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is a great alternative medicine that includes the use of plant materials, known as essential oils. When nature meets beauty care, it brings out the best results. Aromatherapy facials are the most benefitting and relaxing as they use essential oils for skin care, which are natural & organic. The essential oils are chosen after analyzing one’s skin type. Then, certain scents are also added to these oils that complement and add to enhancing the mood. Here are a number of benefits of aromatherapy facial for you.

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#1. Essential oils are harmless

Various essential oils are used in an aromatherapy facial. What type of skin you have will be the factor for selecting the essential oil. They are natural and work for the benefit of your skin. Various beauty problems like pimples, acne and rashes can be solved with the help of aromatherapy facials.

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#2. De-stress

Getting facials done is already a relaxing experience and adding the essential oils to it enhances it because these oils have stress relieving properties.

#3. Soothes your skin

The essential oils like lavender and rose have soothing properties and are well known to calm irritated skin. Some oils like tea tree oil are best known to regulate oily skin. Other than these, lemongrass and geranium are best suited for acne-prone skin.

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#4. Relieves skin dryness

Aromatherapy facial is a good way to get rid of dry skin. Especially in winters, the skin becomes extra dry. This is the time when the essential aroma oils can be used as exfoliators in the form of a scrub or peel. Basil and lemongrass oils are best known for exfoliation treatment.

#5. Treats poor skin conditions

Aromatherapy facials help to improve the texture of the skin as it has excellent anti-inflammatory properties.  It removes dirt and all other impurities from the skin. Aromatherapy truly can be a natural beautician.

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#6. Circulation of skin layer

Facial treatment restores circulation of facial skin layers. Also, it increases the flow of blood to skin cells. The movement of blood to the skin gives it a healthy glow and releases skin cells with necessary nutrients and water, which reduces the presence of wrinkled and dry skin. Nutrients found in the blood, help develop skin cells. It is essential for a young and healthy appearance.

#7. Anti-ageing benefits

The fact that ageing is a natural process cannot be ignored, but aromatherapy facial treatments may help slow the skin-ageing process and offer you younger-looking skin. Your aromatherapy beauty therapist will advise you on how to regain your healthy skin.

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Aromatherapy has been around us in some form or other for many years. And, after proper removal of essential oils from plant material was made possible, aromatherapy gained popularity. Since then, the world has utilised aromatherapy for variety of functions. So, what are you waiting for? Book your appointment for this relaxing facial, right away.