An Amazing Video That Hilariously Defines The 'Bridezilla' Phase Of Every Bride


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An Amazing Video That Hilariously Defines The 'Bridezilla' Phase Of Every Bride

What do you first imagine when you think of a wedding, or a bride for that matter? A smiling, happy girl, waiting eagerly for her new life to begin. You think of a pretty lehenga-clad, coy lady, who is constantly beaming!

And what is it about weddings? They are supposed to be filled with happy, dreamy moments like those that you see in a Disney movie, right?

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But no, that’s not entirely true! You see, weddings help push a button that turns brides into bridezillas! From charming and smiling ladies, they turn into angry and frightening women! All of a sudden, they start complaining about the tiniest of things.

Being Indian explains this in the best possible way with the help of a video that shows you exactly how every Indian bride behaves! From the waterworks starting in one second, for the weirdest of reasons, to convincing oneself and others that they are dieting, it's just pure hilarity packed in 5 minutes!

Here it is:

Spot on, isn’t it? We almost died laughing!

For those of you who have gone through this phase already, this must have brought back your ‘bridezilla’ moments. For those of you, who haven’t, we are sure it brought some guaranteed laughter along!

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It's just like that with brides-to-be! A passing comment from you can cause them to burst into tears or to throw a vase at your head. They become obsessed with losing weight, finding the perfect lehenga and worrying about guest-lists. Around them, it’s like treading on egg-shells!


They want to look perfect on their wedding day, so they try hard (okay, not that hard sometimes!) to lose the extra weight and those love handles.


But who can resist chocolate cake? That too after such a frustrating and tiring day, full of wedding preparations!


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But that's not something that goes on 24*7! Thinking about their life after their marriage, their honeymoon, the cutesy moments, makes them really, really happy too. Although, the people listening to them get bored, they go on and on about their post-wedding plans! ;)


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Well, we know that weddings, apart from being a happy occasion, can be very stressing at times! But enjoying this beautiful phase of your life is what matters most. Small things going wrong here and there, will not really make a difference in the long run, but your good memories will! So, make sure that you do not turn into a very crazy bride, otherwise the fun will be gone, no? © 2018, Red Hot Web Gems (I) Pvt Ltd, All Rights Reserved.