10 Make-up And Beauty Tips For Women Who Are Blessed With A Dusky Complexion


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10 Make-up And Beauty Tips For Women Who Are Blessed With A Dusky Complexion

Dusky makes it look sexy! Isn’t it guys? Dusky isn’t a colour anymore, it’s a trend! Have you seen the top actresses of our Bollywood wearing their skin beautifully like a pro? If you happen to have a dusky complexion, please don’t begrudge it. Wear it with pride!

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In this listing, we have for you a set of 10 make-up and beauty tips handy, which you can follow for a glowing skin. No matter what your skin type is, it is quintessential for you to take care of your skin and ensure that it is forever-glowing and healthy. So here’s a compilation of beauty secrets and tips, which are perfect for those beautiful dusky ladies out there. Go and check’em out!

#1. Moisturise, moisturise and moisturise!


Tip number 1: Do not forget to apply a moisturiser that suits your skin. That is why it is essential for them to invest in a good quality moisturiser. You don’t want your beautiful skin to look patchy right? Remember that a good moisturiser should contain glycerin, petrolatum or lanolin as its active ingredient. If it protects you from the sun, nothing like it! If it does, do ensure that it contains a minimum protection of SPF 30. Also, always apply your moisturiser on slightly damp skin so that your skin is able to absorb it better.

Quick Tip: Ensure that you follow a daily routine of cleansing and toning.

#2. Choose the right foundation

If the shade of your foundation is not right, it can spoil your entire look. Instead of trying out a shade on your hand, you must try it out on your forehead and your jaw line. Choose the colour of your foundation wisely and do not be tempted to choose a shade lighter than your skin tone as your skin may start looking ashy. If you cannot find a perfect match, mix it up! Choose a shade darker than your skin tone and one shade lighter than yours. Blend it and apply to your skin and see the magic! Also, do not opt for a powder foundation, as it will not spread evenly.

Quick Tip: Buy a good quality liquid foundation of a similar brand if you are opting for the mix-and-match technique.  

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#3. Coz' lipsticks you know!

Glossy lipsticks with a frosty finish are an absolute no for girls with darker skin tones. You should opt for lip colours of darker shades like red, berry, coral, hot pink, burgundy, brown and so on (definitely try out matte ones; they look amazing!). Lip liners should definitely accompany your lipstick so that your lips look well-defined.

Quick TipIf you want your lip colour to be highlighted beautifully, you must apply a little concealer on your lips before you apply the lipstick.

#4. For your eyes only

Eye Shadow

Lighter eyeshadows will hardly do any justice to your beauty. That is why, you must opt for bold shades like purple, green, copper, shades of grey, silver burnt pink and brown (mainly for the evening though). A smokey-eye look will look stunning on your complexion, so carry it off with grace. While creating this look, mix two shades of the same colour family so that they complement each other.

Quick Tip: Eyebrows are your greatest asset and you should ensure that they are in shape. You can use a brown pencil to highlight them, as a black one will look a little artificial.

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#5. Blush well!

Gone are the days when pink cheeks were in! For those having a caramel complexion, picking the right shade for you is a must. Go for a combination of gold and rose which will make you glow. Else, wear warm colours such as blue, purple, and greens and also shades like burgundy, prunes, copper, and browns.

Quick Tip: Keep your blush minimal and focus more on the eyes for that sassy look.

#6. Highlighting your hair

If you are in the mood for some adventure, you should definitely go for hair highlights. Chocolate brown and burgundy are shades that will suit you the best. They should not completely highlight your hair colour, but should subtly enhance it.

Quick Tip: Ensure proper care, like using the right shampoo to avoid damage.

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#7. Stay away from the sun


Brave the sun like a superhero! Yes, tanning will harm your complexion and will also damage your skin. If you are a working lady, you will have to go out in the sun, but you can always take measures, right? Apply a good oil-free sunscreen. You can also cover your face with a light cotton scarf or carry an umbrella for absolute protection.

Quick Tip: It is extremely important to ensure that you invest in a good quality sunscreen. Sunscreens act as a foundation to your glowing skin.

#8. Take extra care of pimples


Dark skin is generally prone to pimple and acne. It is irritating that they pop up especially a night before or on the morning of your special day. Even if you don’t like it, treat it well. Make sure that your cleanse your face often and avoid the area when you apply make-up. Use mild anti-pimple creams before going to bed.

Quick Tip: Scratching your pimple is a big no-no. Use an antiseptic cream and bid adieu to those stubborn pimples.

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#9. Stay away from powders

Stay away from powders

Yes, powders can make dusky skin look flaky and extra white. Instead, settle in for creams that will chisel out your skin and make it look like there’s no make-up. Powders tend to make your skin look cakey.

Quick Tip: Powders do not blend with your skin the way foundation does. Do keep this in mind.

#10. Stay away from oil

No to oil

If you have an oily T-zone when you wake up in the morning, then you should stay away from oil as much as possible. Oil tends to make your face look greasy and you surely wouldn’t want that, right? Go for moisturisers and face mousse instead.

Quick Tip: Invest in a non-oily moisturiser which will keep your skin moisturised and soft.

These simple tips will highlight the beauty of your caramel skin in the best possible way. Do let us know in the comments section below if this article helped you understand self-care tips to take care of your skin better.

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