What Happens To Your Skin When You Sleep With Your Make-Up On And How To Recover From It?


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What Happens To Your Skin When You Sleep With Your Make-Up On And How To Recover From It?

We all know that unless you are a television actress, waking up in the morning, next to your beloved, with your face stuffed with make-up is not really an ideal scenario. We also know that dragging yourself right into the bed, without removing your make-up is another cardinal sin that we tend to do. But, trust me if you are sleeping with your make-up on, please stop doing it immediately as you have no idea about the damage you are doing to your facial skin.

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Despite having all the knowledge about the do’s and don’ts for our skin, many of us overlook this thumb rule and sleep with our face decked up with make-up after a late night party. Happens? Well, then you have come to the right spot. If you are noticing a lot of acne and pigmentation problem on your skin, it is probably an aftermath of you sleeping with your make-up on. While you can’t eradicate the damage overnight that make-up does to your facial skin overnight, but, you can reduce the amount of damage done by taking note of certain observations and taking a few precautions. So go on, read it and analyse!

Understand and analyse what your face has gone through the entire night

Sleep With Makeup

Just like you, your face too, needs a perfect beauty regime at night. That includes two things: a cleaned up and well-moisturised face and secondly, a good sleep for the cells to do their repair work. Once you’ve slept in your make-up, don’t be shocked when you see a much duller, clogged skin which is full of blemishes the next day you wake up. Without proper cleaning and moisturising, the cells on your facial skin would not be able to breathe properly at night. Hence, the entire trauma the cells would go through that night, would reflect on your face the next morning. Be prepared for this outcome.

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Breakup with your skin

Sleep With Makeup

You might find the sub-head funny, but that’s what you’ve got to do. Once you’ve slept with your make-up on, you have got to breakup with your skin for the entire night. Don’t touch it, don’t think about it, and don’t obsess over it. Consider your skin your ex-flame for the night! All the bacteria, dust and dirt on your hand will clip on top of that pile of make-up and make your face an akhaada of blemishes, patched up skin and clogged pores. Hence, all you need to do is breakup with your skin for the night. Get the idea, right?

Try to woo your skin back

Sleep With Makeup

You never gave up after parting ways with your ex so easily, right? So why are you doing it now? No, no, we mean, try to win your skin back (just like you did with your partner)! Now, if you have an oily face, congratulations! The only good thing an oily face can probably do in this case is emulsify and hydrate the make-up, thus making it much easier to be wiped or washed off.

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However, if your skin is not oily, dab some oil on a piece of cotton ball and use it to wipe off your make-up, before directly applying water to it. Once done, rinse your face with water, and a lot of it. If you can, then you should prepare a concoction of water, rose water and aloe vera gel and keep it in a spray bottle. If any day you know you would not be able to wash your face or clean it up before sleeping, just spray this mixture on your face. This would at least, keep your skin hydrated the entire night and will help your skin in fighting inflammations/blemishes the entire night. You can also use cleansing oil instead of this cleansing liquid. That too, will save your skin from breakout attacks the entire night, until you wash it off the next day.

Give your skin a new atmosphere

Sleep With Makeup

Change your pillowcase and bedsheets the next day. If you don’t wash or change your pillowcase and sheets the next day, the residual make-up/dust/dirt/oil from your face, which must have sneaked into your pillow, would hit back at your skin. You would not want your skin to go through the same trauma again. Would you? In case this seems like a lot of work, you can put a small hand towel or napkin over your pillow before you sleep with your make-up on. This would save you from the trouble of washing everything the next day. You can just take that towel out and put it in the laundromat along with the rest of the stuff. Easy breezy? We think so!

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Now that you have it, pamper it with everything you’ve got

Sleep With Makeup

Now that you are done with everything else, it’s time for you to pamper your skin like there’s no tomorrow. Yes, you read that right! You took your skin for granted, gave it a hard time and yet, it’s trying to get back to how you both were (You should probably say ‘awww’)! And hence, you need to respect your skin’s intentions and give it the pampering and attention it needs.

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Needless to say, clean your face, wipe off that make-up, moisturise your skin. Keep yourself and your skin hydrated. Use facial scrubs, facial masks to give your skin the care it needs. Try to stay away from make-up as much as possible the next day. Give your skin the space it needs to breathe and rejuvenate itself. Let your skin cells undergo its renewable and repair process. Follow your skincare routine more meticulously the next day you sleep with your make-up on. Eat a lot of fruits that contains Vitamin-C and rub its peels on your skin. You might find it ridiculous but the Vitamin C that you get from these peel-offs are a far better cleanser and moisturiser for facial skin. They also act as skin smoothening agents and you would be able to see the difference and relief in your skin within the next few hours.

Supercharge your skin

Sleep With Makeup

What you eat reflects on your face and hence, taking care of what you eat the next day after you’ve slept in make-up is a must. Eat healthy, fresh and zero-spicy food to give your skin the energy it needs to light itself up once again.

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Frequently Asked Questions

#1. How does your skin get damaged if you sleep with your make-up on?

There is a ‘growth hormone’ which works on your body throughout the day, but is especially active during the night. While you sleep, the growth hormone repairs all the damages caused to your body and skin throughout the day. Sleeping with your make-up on does not affect your ‘growth hormone’ directly, but it affects the way the growth hormone operates, thereby, clogging your pores and leaving your skin look dull throughout the day.

#2. How to recover from sleeping with make-up on?

First of all, please ensure that you don’t put your skin through this agony. Just like you, your skin needs space to breathe. If you accidentally happen to sleep with your make-up on, please do make sure that the next day your skin deserves all your attention. Detox your skin as much as possible and keep yourself hydrated throughout the day.

#3. Suggest some quick fixtures if face looks dull after having slept with make-up on.

  • Spare your skin from heavy make-up the next day.
  • Sip on a lot of cucumber and watermelon coolers.
  • Avoid fried food.
  • Apply home-made packs to soothe your skin.
  • Get yourself a good sleep.
  • Consult a doctor if irritation persists.

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Done with your analysation? It’s time to try out these methods if sleeping without removing the make-up has become a regime for you. Let us know all about your experience post following this routine in the comments section below.