18 Secrets To Make Your Manicure Last Longer


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18 Secrets To Make Your Manicure Last Longer

Every month, women spend hundreds of rupees on salon services in order to look beautiful. Be it facial, hair spa, manicure or pedicure, they are all necessary for all ladies to stay well-groomed and beautiful always.

But, what happens when the effect of salon services don’t last long? What if you don’t get the desired results even after spending so much money?

You would definitely feel bad, isn’t it? And, it is even more disheartening, when you get manicure done, and discover cracks in your nail paint the very next day.

Fret not; we have come to your rescue again with 18 easy hacks that will help your manicure stay longer. Have a look!

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#1. Always apply a good base coat

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Your nails need some base to let the colour stay. So, before applying the nail paint of your choice, apply a good quality and long-lasting base coat.

#2. Don’t soak your hands prior to nail paint application

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Contrary to what most parlours do, you need not actually follow the rule of soaking your hands in water before applying the nail paint. Avoid doing so as that makes the nails brittle and sticky.

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#3. Use the power of top coat

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After you have got your French manicure or nail paint applied on your nails, top coat it with a branded transparent nail paint. This is how your nail colour will not chip anytime soon.

#4. Shake the nail paint bottle sideways

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If you shake the nail paint bottle up and down, you have been doing it wrong all this time! Place the bottle in your palms, and jiggle it sideways. This is the exact way of shaking the nail paint bottle.

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#5. Avoid the formation of bubbles

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In order to give your nail polish a smooth finish, it is important that you avoid the formation of bubbles. So, shake it right and well before use!

#6. Start using nail oil

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Just like your skin, your nails also need some nourishment. Nail oil helps the nails grow better, and in a proper manner. In addition to this, it gives them excellent shine, keeping the cuticles moisturised too.

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#7. Layer the basecoat

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When you apply the first coat of nail colour, apply it only on the upper half of the nails. And then, apply the colour on the entire nail. It is just to ensure that the upper half of the nails is coated twice since this part chips first.

#8. Do not let your nails come in direct contact with perfumes

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If you were not aware; perfumes, deodorants and aftershaves are good substitutes for nail polish removers. So, make sure that your nails don’t come in contact with them.

#9. Wash your hands after applying nail paint

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Let your nails dry a little. Now, place them under cold running water. This helps in locking the coats on your nails.

#10. Use hand and nail care cream

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Freshly manicured hands will lose their glow the very next day if you do not take good care of them. Start using a good hand and nail cream, and apply it after washing your hands. 

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#11. Avoid using hand sanitizers

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Hand sanitizers make the hands dry after use. They can also cause chipping of your nail paint, if used too often. Instead, wash your hands with a gentle hand wash, and use hand care cream immediately after that.

#12. Apply vinegar on your nails

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Vinegar not only makes your food nice and tangy, but it is also good for the health of your nails. Before you go out for a manicure, apply vinegar on your nails using an ear bud to help your nail paint stay longer and cuticles nourished. Vinegar helps in removing all the dirt from your nails.

#13. Let the nail paint dry naturally

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Do not blow air from your mouth or stand in front of an air conditioner to quickly dry your nail paint. You don’t need the hot air full of moisture coming out of your mouth to spoil the proper finish of the nail paint. Let them dry out naturally!

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#14. Glitter to the rescue of chipped nail paint

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If your nail paint chips from the tip of your nails, apply some glitter nail colour to them. This will not only hide the chip, but will also look like a beautiful nail art.

#15. Apply double coat at the nail top

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Nail top is the area from where the nail starts to chip. To avoid this, apply double coat over the nail top. And, make sure that you are giving enough time for the double coat to dry properly.

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#16. Do not apply nail polish on the nail cuticles

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Apply the nail paint a little above the cuticles. Wondering why? Well, it is because the nail paint applied over the cuticles lifts the nail polish from the nails, causing cracks.

#17. File your nails according to the shape of your cuticles

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It is important to file your nail in the right way. Filing them according to the shape of cuticles is the best way. 

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#18. Use rubber gloves

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It is advised to wear rubber gloves while washing clothes or utensils to protect your manicure. 

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All the above mentioned tips are super-easy to follow, and will surely give you the desired soft and smooth hands. All you have to do is make a conscious effort, and there you go with an enduring and fresh manicure!

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