7 Beauty Secrets That Can Actually Make You Look Younger Than Your Actual Age


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7 Beauty Secrets That Can Actually Make You Look Younger Than Your Actual Age

Who does not want to look young? Whether you are 25 or 50, looking young or old is completely in your own hands. And, if you want to know how you can reverse the age clock for your skin, then keep reading.

Hectic lifestyle, wrong eating and drinking habits, and incorrect sleeping patterns are just a few things that can lead to pale, dull and unhealthy-looking skin. But, by adopting a few healthy habits your skin can look younger and fresher, no matter what your age is. So, let us uncover some age-defying beauty secrets for you.

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#1. Oil in salads

For a healthy and younger looking skin, healthy eating is a must. And, surely you already know what amazing benefits salads can provide to your skin and health. To get a younger looking skin, all you have to do now is switch the cream-based dressings with an oil-based one.

Oils absorb antioxidants and vitamins from the food in a much better manner than mayo, making your skin look fresher and younger. No doubt mayo tastes amazing in salad dressings, but so do oil-based dressings. Oils such as olive oil, canola oils and even vinegar enhance the taste of the salads even more.

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#2. Increase the intake of Vitamin C

Vitamin C enriched foods are very good for the skin as they contain collagen, which helps the skin to look young, fresh and glowing.

So, it is time to add foods such as lemons, oranges, tomatoes, strawberries, bell peppers, etc. to your daily diet.

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#3. Yoga

Yoga is a one-stop solution to all your health and beauty related problems. Practicing various yoga asanas cleanses your body from within. Yoga promotes healthy blood circulation in your body.

This reduces the appearance of wrinkles, relaxes and strengthens the facial muscles, releases stress and soothes the mind. Various young postures also help in delaying the process of hair greying. Apart from intricate asanas, breathing exercises and meditation are also beneficial for your skin. In all, yoga undoubtedly is the key to a younger looking and healthy lifestyle. 

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#4. Avoid using powder on the face

Applying powder to the face does not make you look fairer or younger for that matter. Instead, it absorbs oil and moisture out of skin, thus leaving your skin even more dry and dull.

This makes appearance of fine lines and wrinkles even more prominent. If you wish to use face powder, then it is best to switch to a mineral-based powder.

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#5. Take care of your hands and feet

While we all do everything possible for our face in our efforts to look young, the most important thing we forget is to take care of our hands and feet.

Ageing can be seen very prominently on these two body parts, if not taken care of from the beginning. Thus, getting done manicures and pedicures regularly along with using a good moisturiser is very important in order to keep them looking good and you young! Also, apart from your hands and feet, you should start taking care of the skin under your eyes and behind your neck as well. READ: 9 Easy Habits You Should Follow To Get Baby Soft And Beautiful Hands

#6. Good quality products with skin-friendly ingredients

Using non-branded and cheap quality makeup can damage your skin, and lead to pimples, rashes and much more. Even though good brands are a little expensive, they do not damage your skin and are better for the longer run.

Also, years can be wiped off one’s face by applying a good base (concealer and foundation). What’s more? When you are buying skincare products, be on the lookout for skin-friendly, anti-ageing ingredients like retinol, glycolic acid, alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), vitamin A, C and E, and peptides.

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#7. Moisturise and exfoliate

Exfoliating and moisturising are two steps of skin care routine should never ignore if you wish to look younger than your age.

You need to keep your skin well hydrated in order to delay the onset of wrinkles, fine lines and age spots and for this moisturising your skin daily is a must. Also exfoliate your skin at least once or twice in a week to get rid of read skin cells, and reveal a younger looking you. What’s more? Exfoliation also helps to boost the production of collagen in the skin and makes it smooth.

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So, what are you waiting for? Just by following these simple age-defying beauty tricks, you can uncover a younger looking skin!

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