Beautiful Love Lessons From An Arranged Marriage Video


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Beautiful Love Lessons From An Arranged Marriage Video

“I wanted to know him better so that I can love him more,” she confessed.
He whispered, 
“I really feel sometimes we have to go very far to get really close.”

What is love?

Love doesn’t mean spending hours under the moonlit sky gazing into each other’s eyes or buying an expensive gift for your beloved without a reason. Love is hearing those unsaid little things of your partner and the knot of understanding between two people.

Whether you fell in love and got married or are married and still building your love castle, here is a beautiful treat for your eyes that celebrates the spirit of Indian marriages.

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Love is about those millions of emotions that are confined in our hearts. Well, sometimes we express them and sometimes we do not, and sometimes we just do not get enough time to say what we feel for our special someone. The latter is true, especially when we see an arranged marriage or a couple living in a joint family.

For a woman, the transition from a biwi to a bahu is so sudden that she almost forgets to play a ‘lover’ to her husband. Similarly, for a man, who is so occupied in securing a future for his family that unknowingly he just skips out on those precious moments with his wife. 

Capturing this very scenario of an Indian arranged marriage, British Airways gave a couple a chance to 'express their unsaid love' for each other after years of marriage. The video shot by Wedding Filmer, shares the story of unexpressed love between a beautiful married couple living in a simple joint family in Mumbai.

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Sumeet and Chetna, had a typical arranged marriage. The two never got much time to know and understand each other before their marriage. After marriage, both became occupied with their respective responsibilities. Even after three years of marriage, and a big happy family, there was something that they both were missing… (Perhaps, each other!). Twist in the tale came when Sumeet realised that it was high time that he should do something extremely special for his wife, which was to give his time and rest is what we say is history!

What makes this video special?

This video captures the two souls that are rediscovering their love for each other all over again. The love that this couple shares is touching and inspiring. Whether you had a love marriage or an arranged one, this video has a love lesson for everyone. How a husband makes his wife’s dreams his own is something that makes this story special.

Sumeet, knew that she loved watching aeroplanes and dreamt of flying to distant lands. So, he decided to shower this surprise on her. Well, it is not that you need to fly off to an exotic location to find love in your marriage; what counts most are the genuine efforts that you make towards creating those small moments between you and your life partner. Sometimes you need to go that extra mile in your marriage, just to fulfil the vows you take on your wedding. Well, Sumeet certainly did all of that.

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The most touching scene in the video is when he says, "I had made a promise to your mother that I would never bring tears to your eyes." Well, he did bring some happy tears in all the eyes that saw this video.

Video Courtesy: British Airways

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