Bani J Finally Revealed Her Love Story And It Is Adorable


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Bani J Finally Revealed Her Love Story And It Is Adorable

A few weeks ago, we were amongst the first ones to tell you about Bigg Boss 10 contestant, Bani J’s mystery man. The actress has been in a very committed relationship with famous television hottie, Yuvraj Thakur.

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Earlier, neither Yuvraj, nor Bani accepted their love publically. But soon after the news of Bani getting close to Gaurav Chopra started doing the rounds, Yuvraj confessed his love for Bani in a cutesy Instagram post. Take a look:

And, the caption read:

"I love you till the end of time that has no end @banij #soulcompanion #littlechild #loveyoutilltheend"

Bani never took the complete name of her boyfriend but kept on referring to him as ‘Yuvi’. She is also seen sleeping with his t-shirt when she is missing him a lot.

Well, finally Bani has broken her silence and revealed her love story, while talking to Nitibha, a fellow contestant on the show.

Here is what she revealed:

“We didn’t date for a while. So this one day, he was in the gym. He took off his T-shirt. So I told the manager of the gym that no one can take off their T-shirt when I am in the gym, and we laughed it off. He got a bit shy and said he wanted to take a picture. So I told him if you want to take a picture then take with me. That is the first time we spoke.”

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So, this is the picture that Bani is talking about. Take a look at the caption of the picture:

“Training partner is someone who understands you from your very DNA level, who weaves himself/herself through the wave length by which you train. A genuine training is not about faffing, giggling or making weird faces into the mirror, it's about a vibe that sets you way above than any mediocre mind can ever reach and if you bump into someone around that vibe then you surely got lucky because you just earned a like-minded training mate, without talking, initiating or doing anything what people generally do to socialise and stuff. @banij is the only girl, I have ever seen who can actually beast out the toughest of guys! #awakenthekakarotwithin #gamesweplay #lotussutra #bodyholicsismyhome”

This was the time when Bani noticed this guy in the gym.

She further revealed:

“I saw the post and I thought it was a bit too much. So after that every time I saw him in the gym, I used to make fun of him. And then he started smiling. That’s the first time I noticed him smiling and he has a very cute smile.”

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Aww…this is so adorable! Bani and Yuvraj, two fitness freaks and such good looking people surely make a perfect couple! We are eagerly waiting to see more of their pictures together! 

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