Post-Eviction, Bandgi Talks About Puneesh, Says Their Relationship Was Never Fake


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Post-Eviction, Bandgi Talks About Puneesh, Says Their Relationship Was Never Fake

One of the most controversial shows on Indian television is none other than Salman Khan hosted show, Bigg Boss. Talk about any season and you will get a list of disputes and statements by the contestants of the show.

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Any celebrity who participates in the show gets into one or the other war of words and is answerable to many questions when they get eliminated from the show. One such contestant of Bigg Boss season 11 is Bandgi, who is the latest one to leave the house.

Bandgi Kalra

Every season has contestants who develop hots for each other and it becomes the buzz in the industry. And for this season it is, 24-year-old budding model, Bandgi Kalra who has entered as a commoner and another commoner, Puneesh Sharma, who owns a construction business.

Bigg Boss 11

Now that Bandgi is out of the Bigg Boss house, she talked about a lot of stuff from the house and her relationships. In an exclusive interview with SpotboyE, Bandgi talked about Puneesh and said:

“Honestly, I am shocked by the eviction. It was difficult for me sleep and I was awake till 6 am thinking about what comes next. I am unable to come to terms with the fact that I am no longer a part of the house. Before the interviews began, I had feeling that it's just a task and I have not been evicted – they will call me back. As for Puneesh, I can’t tell you how difficult it is for me to be without him.”

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Bandgi Kalra and Puneesh Sharma

About her society members waiting to throw her out of the house, she retorted:

“They are still waiting, but to welcome me and not to throw me out with my luggage. It was all a rumour. The lease of the house expired while I was inside the house. My landlord was confused and called my friends to discuss the matter. That’s about it.”

She also cleared the rumours of her dad being hospitalised and remarked:

“Says who? It was just a rumour. It’s well-known that I am attached to him. I used to discuss him a lot inside the house and you must have seen that footage too. People cooked stories up. My dad is perfectly fine.”

Bandgi Kalra

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Talking about the intimacy between her and Puneesh, she said:

“See, I was not doing anything because there were cameras inside the house. Every coin has two sides; there are people who will support me and some who will not. However, I will welcome whatever comes my way because I am ready to bear the consequences.”

If her relationship with Puneesh was fake or real, she said:

“Our relationship was never fake. It was real from the beginning. In fact, we didn’t realise when we fell in love. There came a point where we so got involved that we forgot that others are also staying with us in the house. And, as far his divorce is concerned, he has discussed it with me and I have no issues.”

Bandgi Kalra and Puneesh Sharma

About Dennis saying that she and Puneesh knew each other before entering the Bigg Boss house, she spilled the beans and said:

“First of all, don’t take that man’s name. He is lying. I didn't know Puneesh before going in, we had not even met. Dennis wanted to come with me to the house. He wanted fame and still does. He is desperately trying to get noticed since he is a casting director. Dennis will say anything and give you any photos just to make headlines.”

About the time when she was seen wearing Dennis's T-shirt inside, which she promised him to wear when she misses him, she was quoted as saying:

“I have never said that to him. Two people can have same T-shirt, it’s not a big deal. Think about it, if I was serious about him, Puneesh wouldn’t have been in the picture. Dennis is the biggest mistake of my life.”

Bandgi Instagram

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About her co-contestant Hina Khan, she said:

“I am happy that fans are getting to see her real image. In Bigg Boss house however hard you try you can't fake anything for a long time. And Hina Khan’s reality is out there for all to see. She put chillies in my eyes. How evil was that? I feel I am the only one who always gave it back to her because I have no fear. She indulges in groupism so that she has support. She always lost out on tasks despite trying all methods to win it. That's called Karma.”

About her co-contestant Luv, she said:

“He is inside because of Hina. The day he will play alone and take a stand, he will be out. Right now he is enjoying and involved in Hina's Panchayat.”

Bigg Boss 11

According to her, who is likely to win Bigg Boss 11? She said:

“No one is genuine inside. But I would say Shilpa Shinde, Puneesh Sharma and Vikas Gupta are playing really well and they deserve to go in the finale. For me, the next in line to get eliminated is either Aakash or Arshi. They are floating from here to there. The moment Hina's supporter Priyank Sharma and Luv Tyagi leave the house, she will lose everything and is bound to be evicted as well.”

About the future plans with Puneesh, she remarked:

“We are very serious and will always be together. In fact, he will be shifting to Mumbai for me, although he is based in Delhi.”

Bandgi Kalra and Puneesh Sharma

On the professional front, she talked about her plan of action now and said:

“I am hoping this industry welcomes me with good work.”

As the contestants are getting evicted and leaving the house, some of the controversies are getting cleared but people are getting different versions of everything that is going on inside the house. What do you think about Bandgi’s version? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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