Bali Spa Heaven


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Bali Spa Heaven

If you thought that Bali is only about the beaches, think again. The tranquil settings of the paradise Island, (that’s the word which comes to the mind when we think of Bali), with the beautiful landscapes, exotic beaches and the serene locales is an ideal location for relaxing spa treatments too. Bali is one of the choicest locations for a honeymoon, which many newlyweds choose to spend their moments of love amidst the handiworks of nature. An ideal location for couples to spend moments of love, amidst rugged mountains and pristine beaches!

Bali - Spa Capital of Asia

Body massage has remained a part of the Balinese culture for centuries. With the growing popularity of spa treatments, Bali has emerged as the spa capital of Asia. A Balinese Spa massage is an added attraction itself on the beautiful isle. There are different Bali spa techniques and disciplines associated with the massage. It helps soothe sore muscles, restore movements to injured ligaments and tendons, and relax too. The techniques include kneading, rolling and stoking the skin, while applying light pressure. From fresh aloe vera flowers, to milk flower baths to volcanic mud, to vanilla pods, or crushed black pepper or even almond oil, all the ingredients used are a gift from Mother Nature herself. There are differently styles of massaging too like the Asian therapeutic massage, which transmits the pressure, force and energy; creating a highly therapeutic effect and bringing out a more rejuvenated you.  The Balinese traditional massage is believed to improve blood circulation, reduces stress levels and relaxes the muscles. 

Bliss Amidst Nature

Most of the hotels in Bali have their own conventional take on the natural massages. There are different types of massages (Balinese, Indonesian, Thai, Swedish, Shiatsu from Japan, and Lomi-lomi from Hawaii), body wraps, polishes and scrubs (including the Royal Javanese Lulur and the Balinese Boreh), Chinese reflexology and many Ayurvedic styles of treatment.  Colon hydrotherapy and more personal treatments like vaginal smoking are offered at more advanced spas. Some areas like Ubud, offer craniosacral therapy and other healing treatments.  Sometimes couples want to share the experience together so the spas provide double rooms.  The four-hand massage is a very popular massage in Bali where two masseurs of either sex offer you the massage together, with perfectly synchronized strokes. Sometimes both the partners can participate face to face if they want to, or even choose to work on the neck and back of the other partner, making the massage session one of the best part of their honeymoon.   The Zen Bali Spa, the Body Spa in Kuta, Natalie spa, Sicilia spa, Mandura Spa, Bali Botanical Spa, are amongst the ones worth a mention, which offer a plethora of holistic treatments.

If you have planned to visit Bali, find out more about the spas in the area where you are going to stay and make a reservation before you come to Bali.

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