8 Striking Armlet (Bajuband) Designs That All Brides-To-Be Can Don On Their Wedding Day


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8 Striking Armlet (Bajuband) Designs That All Brides-To-Be Can Don On Their Wedding Day

An Indian bride is a work of art. Everything from her head to toe is thoughtfully planned which makes her look like a vision. In Indian weddings, jewellery holds an important place. It makes a bride look like a queen.

Maang teeka, necklace, bangles, haath phools and earrings; they make a bride look royal on the very special day of her life. There is another piece of jewellery that is dear to all the brides and that is an armlet or a bajuband. If you are getting married anytime soon, here are some ideas for you to pick up the perfect bajuband for your wedding day look.

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#1. Royal bajuband

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Bajuband is impressive as it is, but if you want to really draw the attention to your banjuband, go for a royal one. There are a lot of examples for inspiration like the ones that were worn by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in Jodha Akbar. These will be the highlights of your attire.

#2. Temple inspiration

Bridal Jewellery

Temple jewellery is absolutely exquisite. It incorporates many leafs and flowers in it. Made with yellow gold, temple jewellery has graced almost all the South Indian brides. A temple jewellery inspired bajuband looks very traditional.

#3. For the marathi mulgi

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Marathi brides are playful and so are these banjubands. These are edgy and take from the traditional Marathi wedding jewellery. You can have them made in gold or in any other metal that you want. These bajubands will complement your colourful nature.

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#4. Diamonds are forever

Bridal Jewellery

For many brides, diamonds are the first choice. If you are wearing diamond jewellery on your D-day, wearing a diamond bajuband will add an oomph factor to the entire look. Go all out and tell everyone that diamonds are your first love with your diamond bajuband.

#5. Light of kundan

Bridal Jewellery

Kundan is both modern and traditional. When it comes to bridal jewellery, Kundan is always the preferred one as it goes well with all the colours and designs. These Kundan bajubands will not only complete your wedding look, but could also be teamed up with your other outfits.

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#6. Pretty peacock

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Peacocks are considered to be very auspicious which is why we see a lot of peacock motifs in Indian wedding jewellery. These peacock bajubands are very pleasing. With them, you can carry your luck on your arms on your wedding day.

#7. Colours on Hands

Bridal Jewellery

Indian weddings are all about colours so why not incorporate them in your jewellery. While most of the brides avoid having a prominent colour for the wedding jewellery as it is expensive, you can add rainbows to your bajuband without being conscious.

#8. Twisted U

Bridal Jewellery

If you don't want to go for the usual bajuband that has a string to tie, you can go for this kind of bajuband that has U formations. It fits like a bangle. Even Aishwarya Rai Bachchan wore it on her wedding day.

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A bajuband makes the mehendi laden hands of a bride look more beautiful. Since bajubands were worn by the Indian nobility, wearing them on the wedding day has become a custom. It gives an oomph factor to the overall look of the bride. So what's your pick? Do let us know in the comments below!